Oklahoma Initiative Drive to Legalize Medical Cannabis Underway

The organization Oklahomans for Health officially launched its petition drive to legalize medical cannabis last week with a press conference held by oklahomaSenator Constance Johnson, a longtime supporter of legalizing medical cannabis.

Advocates will be required to collect roughly 155,000 valid signatures in order for the initiative to qualify for this November’s ballot.

Under the proposed law, the possession, use and state-licensed distribution of cannabis will be legal for those with a qualifying medical cannabis, such as cancer, HIV/AIDS and multiple sclerosis, as long as they receive a recommendation from a physician. The initiative – which is a constitutional amendment – was recently approved by the Oklahoma Secretary of State, giving the group the go-ahead to begin collecting signatures.

Those interested in helping this campaign, and those in Oklahoma wanting to sign the initiative, should click here.


3 thoughts on “Oklahoma Initiative Drive to Legalize Medical Cannabis Underway”

  1. its a start getting it legal medically. In Colorado we been growing our own LEGALLY since 2000. 14 years later we still grow our medicine. Remember the majority need to voice their views and if u don’t like the proposals on the laws we the people stand up and make sure they do it right

  2. Stop and Think before loosing YOUR RIGHT TO GROW YOUR OWN MEDICINE !!!! When The State ” state-licensed distribution of cannabis” takes place, you loose the right to grow your own Medicine. And become DEPENDENT ON THE STATE, AND HOWEVER MUCH THEY WANT TO CHARGE YOU, FOR MEDICINE YOU CAN MAKE YOURSELF !!!


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