Ohio Voters Reject Cannabis Legalization Initiative

Ohio Voters Reject Cannabis Legalization Initiative

ohioOhio voters have overwhelmingly rejected Issue 3, which would have legalized recreational cannabis for those 21 and older.

Although polling heading into the election found majority support for cannabis legalization among Ohio voters, they ultimately decided that Issue 3 isn’t the right approach. Many are blaming the loss on the controversial provision that would have guaranteed the state’s ten licensed cultivation centers to investors of the initiative, a move many – including the state in their official summary of the proposal – call a monopoly.

Although the failure of Issue 3 may be seen as a hiccup for the movement to legalize cannabis nation and worldwide – and many in the media will label it as a defeat for legalization – it’s not a setback. After all, four states and the nation’s capital have legalized cannabis in the past three years, with voters in Nevada (and likely several others including Massachusetts) being given the opportunity next year to do the same.






  • vickia52
    November 4, 2015

    well is what we have is a very dissapointing finish that keeps the gridlock on!

  • calicorock
    November 4, 2015

    Voters in Blue States,(who really want legalization) should stop electing right-wing kook’s and Tea-Party Republican for Governor, (hello Maryland, Massachusetts etc). This is just illogical.

  • Scott Rellim
    November 6, 2015

    Living in Ohio, a friend asked me why it didn’t pass.

    One word: Ignorance.

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