Ohio Cannabis Legalization Initiative Being Voted on Today

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Ohio Cannabis Legalization Initiative Being Voted on Today

ohio cannabis legalization

It’s Tuesday, November 3rd (EST), meaning it’s election day, and in Ohio, voters will have the opportunity to make their state the fifth to legalize recreational cannabis. Unless the votes are incredibly close (which is definitely possible), we should know the fate of Issue 3 sometime after polls close at 8PM.

If approved into law by voters, Issue 3 will legalize the possession of up to an ounce of cannabis for everyone 21 and older, or up to eight ounces for those who receive a license from the state. Those with a license will also be able to cultivate an unlimited number of sprouting cannabis plants, and up to four flowering plants.

Cannabis retail outlets will also be authorized. They’ll be supplied by one of ten cultivation centers, which have been promised to investors of the initiative; although this contentious and controversial provision is certainly a negative aspect of the measure, it’s not enough of a detriment to make the initiative’s passive anything less than a huge victory for the cannabis reform movement and for human rights (up to 17,000 annual arrests will be put an end if Issue 3 passes).

You can find the full text of Issue 3 by clicking here.


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