Ohio Ballot Board Unanimously Approves Initiative to Legalize Medical Marijuana and Hemp

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Ohio Ballot Board Unanimously Approves Initiative to Legalize Medical Marijuana and Hemp

The Ohio Ballot Board – as well as Ohio’s attorney general – has given final approval to an initiative drive aimed at legalizing medical marijuana, as well as hemp. The initiative is spoORG_Text_bare-smaller-fixnsored by the Ohio Rights Group, who collected the 1,000 necessary signatures to get an initiative put before the board. Now that the initiative has been approved, the group will need to collect roughly 385,000 valid signatures in order to qualify for the general election ballot. The group has until July 6th to make this year’s ballot, but can continue collecting aiming for the 2014 ballot if they miss that deadline.

The initiative, if approved by voters, would authorize qualified patients aged 18 and older to possess, use, cultivate and acquire medical marijuana. The Ohio Commission of Cannabis Control would be established to determine regulations.

In addition, the initiative would legalize the cultivation of hemp, with oversight by the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

This initiative drives comes as lawmakers in the state discuss recently-filed legislation to legalize marijuana as both a medicine, and as a recreational substance.


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  • Vape Forest
    May 23, 2013

    Hemp has such a wide variety of applications that it only seems logical to approve production of it.

  • cloud
    May 24, 2013

    Cudos..now how much r petitioners making per sig? I ask cause I am one who is from ohio who worked last drive dealing with casinos for ohio.

  • Zach
    May 31, 2013

    Hello my name is Zach I grew up being over weight 240 XXL had
    > neuropathy pain and body aches. Also have 7 mental illnesses. They are
    > Depression, Anxiety, Bi Polar, Panic attack, Mood stabilizer, thyroid
    > disease, diabetic type 2 and Insomnia. I used Mariujuana for 4 years
    > and was
    > able to lose 70 pounds from working out since body aches and and
    > neuropathy
    > Pain went away. My parents can vouch for that. I also was able to get
    > rid of
    > my mental illnesses and stress due to the Mariujuana and hold not 1 but 2
    > jobs. I quit smoking back in April 2013 and all 7 mental health issues
    > returned and neuropathy, I also take 8 pills a day for everything. I
    > believe
    > taking that many pills for issues can be very dangerous and damaging to a
    > body and mind. Plus paying for all the medicine can cost a lot and
    > looking at
    > life as 1 big pill is not fun. Medical use of Mariujuana can help
    > with many
    > things from Mental illness, Sick people, Cancer, therapy and trauma. Also
    > surgery and people who are can’t take some medication due to being
    > allergic
    > to it. No one is allergic to Mariujuana and I find it better than
    > taking 8
    > pills a day. The pills can changed a person and there brain. Also MJ
    > can be
    > used for sleeping and even help ADHD or ADD. Which I have. I smoked for 4
    > years and all the body aches, neuropathy and more went away. think about
    > people in the same position or worse conditions. I support your cause for
    > Legal Mariujuana. I am 1 of the people who suffer from Mental Illness
    > taking
    > 8 pills can be tiring or discouraging looking at all the pills, yet
    > smoking
    > helped me. I did quit in April 2013 and got all 7 Mental illness back and
    > neuropathy and body aches. I believe in Medical use 100%. From
    > for any questions. There are many advantages of Medical
    > Mariujuna even if just through doctors only that is a start. I’m 25
    > with all
    > these problems and I bet there are other younger and older who suffer

  • dry herb vaporizer
    June 19, 2013

    to think that marijuana can cure allot of illnesses, its a shame that there are still allot of people unaware of its benefits.

  • dave
    July 2, 2013

    Never saw one petition drive outside of Columbus. Bunch of lazy idiots in Ohio. Just like last year, fell short.

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