Ohio Ballot Board Gives Approval to Cannabis Expungement Initiative

ohioIn a 3 to 2 vote, the Ohio Ballot Board has given approval to the Fresh Start Act, a proposal meant to work in conjunction with an initiative to legalize recreational cannabis that’s on this November’s ballot.

The measure, put forth by ResponsibleOhio (the same group sponsoring the legalization initiative), would allow anyone who committed a crime that’s made legal to have the charge expunged (removed) from their record.

Now that’s its been approved by the Ballot Board, and by the state’s attorney general, advocates can begin collecting the 92,000 signatures necessary to put it to a vote of the people during the November, 2016 general election. Those signatures must be collected by the end of the year, and must be from registered Ohio voters.

ResponsibleOhio’s legalization initiative, which will be voted on this November, would legalize the possession of up to an ounce of cannabis, while establishing a system of cultivation centers and retail outlets.


8 thoughts on “Ohio Ballot Board Gives Approval to Cannabis Expungement Initiative”

  1. I used to bartend before starting my own business I say alcohol drinkers didn’t know how to act had troubles weed smokers quite no trouble. Boost economy advantage and it’s more calming to people.As a person that uses it for rls it doesn’t hold me back to want to improve my life. .non addictive

  2. Don’t vote for recreational use, Vote medicinal. If Recreational passes its going to create yet another monopoly, and blow the chance of any small business owners to get involved. Read the bill.

  3. I want to help out if I can. I live in Roseville ,Ohio and if anything needs done in my area I am here for the cause. Please let me know.


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