Arizona Police Officers Resign After Forcing Teen To Eat Marijuana

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Arizona Police Officers Resign After Forcing Teen To Eat Marijuana

By Monterey Bud,

troopThree Phoenix police officers resigned on Thursday after getting caught making a 19-year-old driver eat a gram of marijuana. Officers appear to have turned off their body cameras before engaging in the unlawful activity.

No longer retained to “Protect and Serve,”  the three officers in question quit before the city could take disciplinary action. Their commander, a police lieutenant with 20 years of law enforcement experience, was demoted for his participation in the ill-conceived episode.

Lighting the fuse that would detonate their law enforcement careers, on Sept. 13, during an early morning traffic stop, officers Richard G. Pina, Jason E. McFadden, and Michael J. Carnicle forced a 19-year-old motorist to eat his stash or face going to jail.

Forced to Eat Marijuana

According to Reuters, here’s what happened:

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“Police said officers pulled over the motorist, who was not identified, for speeding in a 2002 BMW at about 3:30 a.m. and later discovered the drug in his car.

Faced with the officers’ demand that he eat the gram of marijuana, the teenager popped it in his mouth and was subsequently issued a traffic ticket, police said. He reported feeling briefly ill from the drug.”

Feeling his civil rights were violated and marginalized, the 19-year-old driver filed a complaint after the traffic stop.

Describing the allegations as “compelling, appalling and extremely unprofessional,” the Phoenix Police Chief, Joe Yahner told reporters at police headquarters. “Appropriate action have been taken.”

Chief Yahner concluded his statement by noting:

“This conduct is contrary to everything we stand for … and it undermines the good actions of the men and women of the Phoenix police department.”

Bad Cops, No Donut!

While dealing with mean-spirited cops are a big part of life in any community, apparently, the rogue cops in the Phoenix Police Department have taken cruelty up one notch too far.

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