North Carolina Bill to Legalize Medical Cannabis Approved by House of Representatives

North Carolina’smedcan full House of Representatives has given initial approval to House Bill 78, a proposal to legalize the possession, private cultivation and distribution of medical cannabis.

House Bill 78 would legalize the possession of up to 24 ounces of cannabis for those who receive a recommendation from a physician. Patients would also be authorized to cultivate cannabis, with grow spaces limited to 250 feet of total canopy space, which would be “measured by the combined vegetative growth area, excluding any garden space devoted to cannabis plants that are not mature and female but which are cultivated for the purpose of maintaining the largest and most productive canopy of mature female cannabis plants”.

House Bill 78 would also authorize state-licensed dispensaries as a means of providing patients safe access to their medicine. These outlets will be supplied by licensed production centers.

According to polling released last month by Public Policy Polling, 69% of voters in North Carolina support legalizing cannabis for medical purposes.

Now that House Bill 78 has been approved through its first reading, it’s been assigned to the House Committee on Judiciary.


244 thoughts on “North Carolina Bill to Legalize Medical Cannabis Approved by House of Representatives”

  1. the state turn me from a pothead to an alcoholic because of it being illegal. I’m bipolar and have depression issues but because of Probation and it being illegal now I drink alcohol and have become an alcoholic and would love to go back to smoking marijuana

  2. I obtained a back injury back in 1998 in which resulted in a lumbar injury. In my 20’s this was devastating to me! That injury alone costed me my job and two business opportunities that I had going for myself. Having 3 small kids of my own I had to think about my kids and supporting my family. Did I want to be disabled? Heck No! The injury itself caused me not to be able to stand lift anything over 25 pounds or anything resulting from my injury and pressure on my spine and legs. At that time I felt and thought I could even do more if I had my legs back so I decided to go through with it. Since then I’ve discovered that marijuana does help my condition. For many years thereafter I had decide to lay down smoking marijuana because I had kids and for the fact that it wasn’t legal in the state of North Carolina. Now that my kids are grown I did pick it back up tempary of course because my doctor’s assistant said that I couldn’t use it and still be treated by the doctor that done the back surgery on me. Like many others I’m not an alcoholic meth user or any of the hardcore drugs that many use and do this day and time and I’m treated like an outlaw! Since my last doctor’s appointment I haven’t touched marijuana at all and don’t plan to until it’s legalized but I’m already feeling like I’m in more severe pain than when I was smoking it. Many can judge me all they want but even our own doctor’s no that it helps people like myself and many others with different conditions. I mean really people that drink alcohol kill more people on the streets than any other drug but it’s legal! Honestly I know it helps many people who has spinal injuries. I have a friend that’s a quad, that means parolized in all four limbs that over heats a after smoking marijuana dries up cools down so it’s actually a mircle believe it or not! What kind of medicine in this world could do that? All I know is it’s about time it’s legalized here in this state. So many can be helped by this alone it’s unreal! I just want to thank our senator and the house for standing up for people like us who needs it. This is for a good cause!

  3. At 13 I was diagnosed with bipolar schizophrenia they had me 13 different medications so I took matter n my own hands stop taking the med an started smoke marijuana my life changed for the better I met my beautiful wife I’ve never been happier I been waiting for them 2 Legalize It so the cop would leave me alone in 2016 I got charged with simple possession of marijuana for a blunt Roach that wasn’t even a half an inch long this is my medicine

  4. It’s about time ! I’ve had two cases of cancer one was stage 4 throat cancer and the other was stage 3 colon cancer and without the use of merinol and a side of cannibius to help the effort of oil I couldn’t eat ! I lost over 50 pounds in my treatment with chemo and radiation! I just wanted to live ! Theirs nothing wrong with wanting to live ! I didn’t do it just to get high I did what I did just to live ! Even though my doctor stop giving me pain medicine and medicine to help my nerves and depression ! The use of medical Marijauna has sure helped me live ! Thank the man upstairs for the natural growth From Mother Earth and not man made crap that has side effects that we don’t know what and where it comes from ! It’s bad enough to have to put poisoning in your body from CHEMOTHERAPY! Cancer people need this and need it now ! This great news to me and others !

  5. Is this really true? It’s 2017 and we haven’t heard the legality of this yet. They are still pushing for HB 125. What’s the latest on this jointblog??

    • Hi Christin,

      As the article mentions, House Bill 78 was given initial approval by the House back in early 2015. However, it unfortunately failed to advance any further, and eventually died.


  6. I would agree with this for those people like myself who suffer from serve chronic pain. I never had any broken bones and I stay in pain everyday have been since I was 18 and then in 2011 I was 23 riding in the back of a truck and it thru me into the can again I didn’t break any bones but I did some kind of damage to my lumbar and ever since I been in worse pain than before and all bc of these new laws doctors don’t like to give someone something for pain due to me having chronic pain but they want to send me to a pain clinic knowingly they won’t help either if they do it’s more stronger than a hydro or a Percocet. I for one would love to be able to get this bc the doctors won’t do anything anyway if people self medicated themselves bc they can’t find the right Dr to work with them or understand.

    • I agree with you Chris.
      I have major nerve damage and RA witch causes major joint damage.
      I go to a pain clinic and get 120 pills of pain meds a month and it has little to no relief.
      Cannabis would be my best bet to get pain relief

      • I know how back pain is. I have had a 3 level spinal fusion. 4 cages 8 screws and 2 rodes.. with a failed surgery. This would be a dream come true for anyone with Chronic Pain. Until you live in pain people will never get it. Good luck to all of you, may be we will meet in the line one day towards Painless Days

  7. Please go all the way with this. I suffer from bad back and have stopped all pain med. Because they didn’t work just got me addicted. You people that are negative should stop unless you have gone though what so people are going thou just keep you options to yourself. We would be better off with marijuana then the man made pills that hurt your organs.

    • I agree 100% I suffer from severe back pain, and have been on several different types of pills . I’m tired of it . But I hope they don’t charge us out of the ass for this. I can’t stand , or vacum my house . Even my grandson and 10 year old daughter. Pills are so dangerous. Please pass this bill . For people like us who suffer from chronic pain .

  8. The only safe thing in this world that we can put in our body is weed , anything else hurts you in the long run. Shouldn’t matter what problems people have we should beable to smoke or what ever. It should be up to the peraon, no matter what money would be made for the state period and we all will feel good and people would be calmer.

    • In most states you would go to “your” doctor, unless your doctor is unwilling to prescribe it… But i’m pretty sure the missing part of this story is that McCrory vetoed the bill because it didn’t benefit Duke Energy.

  9. In August of 2003 I fell 60 feet and landed on my feet on a hard-packed driveway. I broke both knees my right tibia splendored into 13 pieces i shattered my pelvic bone in 3 places broke my left hip. When my knees hit my chest every rib broke 3 to 6 times puncturing both lungs rupturing my liver in my spleen, my heart dropped through my upper abdominal cavity, with my kidneys and intestines. I also lost the eyesight in my left eye and did not hit my head at all I was actually caught before I fell over I’ve had 18 surgeries and walk sideways they did not expect me to live but since I had $1000000 policy they kept me alive as long as they could my pelvic bone didn’t get put back together at all, and my brain has grown bones through much of the muscle tissue throughout my body. I used to have a family doctor who actually cared and wrote me prescriptions for very strong painkillers. Since Obama care came into play the government forced him to close his practice and I have tried multiple pain centers. They are all of the same mind, no prescriptions, only injections into your nerves and electrical stim TENS units wired throughout your body hooked to a battery sewn into your chest is what they’re offerin. usually sleep is very hard to come by

  10. Folks please understand, Let me kick a little knowledge to you first. Majority of your habitual smokers are professionals, Baby Boomers born between the years of 1948 – 1968, yes they are your doctors, lawyers and judges never mind the stress these jobs create their parents, most of them experienced the Great Depression which help form the baby boomers generation perspective on life. Which is become well educated, work hard, make a lot of money, and live life to the fullest. What happen that was significant to cannabis in the late forties early fifties?, The large oligarchies, paper companies Hurst; name sounds familiar, and free market giants decided to demagog it like reefer madness did in the sixties. With hemp and cannabis illegal to produce and distribute within U.S. territories and common wealth’s this allowed trees as the primary source for paper in which was far less expensive to transformed to paper than Knapp or other forms of high fiber Hemp’s grown in different areas of the world. Man have grown, cultivated and use cannabis and hemp since the beginning of civilization. It has truly always been up to us as the masses, the majority through the vote to legislate reform that manages these natural resources and produce its total maximize benefit to human society.

  11. Here are the facts Everyone! Alcohol is legal.(not everyone is an alcoholic). Pills for pain and anxiety etc are destroying your body and mind. Example: watch the advertisements on TV. They add at the end (It may cause this and that!) Most of the time much worse than the problem you have to begin with. Others cultures around the world have used this plant for many reasons. I believe God put it here for a reason. Everyday the food/health industries are researching and making replacements for all the big making money drug companys that are slowly killing us with all the junk ingredients. Opponents of legalization think that people will just sit and smoke until their brain is jelly and they are just an idiot. That is so far from the truth! Opponents who are against apparently are not suffering or have family that is at this time. But I guarantee the day that they do suffer or have family or God forbid a Child suffering, They will change their mind very quickly. So don’t wait, to those who oppose!! Open your eyes! The choice you make today is so important! Listen to the people , Do your research. Marijuana is “Not” a company made Drug of garbage that we put in our bodies. Marijuana is a Natural Plant Provided to Us by God For A Reason!

    Thank You For Reading And Have A Wonderful Day! P.S. Please Vote Yes !!!! Support Us.

  12. They legalized same sex marriage which is something everyone thought would never happen in the “Bible Belt” state….so why not legalize marijuana…

    • i agree with christy. they marry the same sex and even use to same bathrooms. in the bibie belt? so why not legalize something god put here? so is n.c. saying its okay to do for some but the rest of use don’t matter?

  13. I’m from Charlotte NC born and raised, I now live in Seattle where weed is legal and has been for a few years now and I can honestly say there’s no point in legalizing pot at least from a stoner point of view. Maybe as an economist I would say yes seeing as how it improves the economy greatly.

      • Amen ! Busted in Jan’73 , convicted of less than 5 grams ..went to prison for a 6 month sentence .

    • Charlotte person in Seattle you are not informed about Marijuana at all. Alcohol causing more problems, crimes in this country. It is also the gateway to all other drugs. I smoke pot and every job review I got was out standing plus I went to gym 5 days a week. I have never been in trouble or done anything stupid while I had been smoking but with alcohol I have been in many fights, made me very aggressive and did the dumbest things. I do not drink and have not for 11 years. I was hit a by a drunk driver who screwed up my life for ever. Have had 3 neck and 2 low back surgeries plus serious spinal cord damage and nerve root damage and live with very bad strong pain, it never stops. I have been on pain meds every day since Oct 2007 and taking my share from 16 surgeries. When you go to a pain doctor you are treated badly, they all think your drug seekers or a dam junkie. I found one pain doctor who said I can smoke weed plus it works on the opioid respecters as pain pills which you can cut back on the pain meds and have less side effects. The reason pot became illegal was when alcohol was legalize in 1933 because the zaur over alcohol was going to lose his job so they made pot illegal to keep his job plus mainly to deport Mexicans in southwest parts of this country. there is not one thing wrong with marijuana – it has so many uses, it can replace so many things that trees are cut down for, clothes, paper, car bodies, medical plus so many the list would be very long. Because money rules our federal government controlled by big business, drug companies to, tell use lobbyist to give congress many millions to keep it illegal. So don’t bass marijuana when you don’t know the facts !

  14. I hope they see it all the way through. I’m tired of taking all these different pain pills and Arthritis meds that do not work. I feel like the doctors I’ve been to lately aren’t taking my pain seriously. Pills for pain, separate pills for arthritis, and more pills for anxiety and depression. I’m not trying to party and be “high”. I have to sets of twins under the age of 12, and I would like to be able to enjoy more activities with them before they are grown. THATISALL.

  15. I suffer from a wide variety of different aiglments my dad told me about marijuana when I was a child and told me to try it for my birth condition of rematizim, which cause the bones in your body to severely ache for no reason at all. He didn’t want me to be doped out on pain pills all my life and die at age 30… And because of him supporting me in an unconventional way he has been the only reason for me to keep going on with my life and keep working hard to pay taxes an live like a normal member of society who smokes weed atleast once a day… I’d doesn’t matter … What matters is the amount of comments uploaded onto this forum so all u idiots arguing with each other because ur high and got not shit better to do stfu, so people who actually care about society can give their 2 cents on why they think marijuana should be legalized… If our representatives see people arguing over a damn marijuana bill they ganna be like its just like alcohol u dumb motherfuckers give stoners a bad name if u wanna talk shit go on Facebook and talk shit to random people not over a federal page where each comment counts.

  16. Most people who are on prescription narcos from ther local pharmacy trade theirdangerous pills for their street value in weed… Putting the controlled substances in uncontrolled hands leading to massive drug dependencies because people wanna alternative way to get fucked up… The trust is if weed was completely legal these designer drugs wouldnt even be on the streets anymore cause people can just get weed in the store along with still taking their phisician recommended pill… The federal government thinks if weed is legal there will be a rise in crime… And an overthrow of public authority officials, which is just not the case. Weed being legalized through our nation would completely end all poverty or to a drastic extent relive most of the poverty along with saving the lives of Millon’s of people who could die without it… Or whome cojld die taking prescriptions drugs that claim to sace lives and help more thab a natural medicine that requierea no processing or alteration for use. Without effecting the big pharmas profits because of the affordable health care act already being well established and presedented nation wide there will be no need for big pharma to influence the representatives of our state to start another smear campaign against marijuana. Yes big pharma will suffer in a minuted way because the majority of people will just take marijuana but what’s stoping the government from taking marijuana off the individual level and making g it to where o ly big pharma can distribute it… If that were to occurs I strongly behlive that with all of our healthcare legislation the government will be able to clean up society as a whole and regulate it far better than each state can… But the dick head in office are to blind by their greed to see the bigger picture besides just letting a few pot heads get their fix… They could be promoting world peace with this shit already I swear to god.

  17. Like many of you, I have many different medical conditions. Most of which put me in a great deal of pain on a 24/7 365 basis and sub-sequently my anxiety is through the roof and all the pain medications have put my liver in peril. After going through many spinal injections (to the point of being a pin cushion) and all kinds of pain medications, I am done tormenting my body even more. I have Fibro and am allergic to the medications available. Marijuana helps with all my ailments! NC is failing to realize the tax break(s) that will come with the legalization of Marijuana. The facts are there, as others have stated, people need to education themselves. I come from a state that has legalized Marijuana and their prescription drug use has declined by 20% not to mention the decline in drug related crime. Now I am here in the bible belt and they are just not willing to take the time to get the right information and/or believe what is actual fact. It is all very sad and bigoted. Hopefully now people are taking notice of all the benefits of the legalization of Marijuana.

    • I to have had spinal surgery, bones and metal in neck. Also have fibro. I have done mj, but other than someone give me some friends. I would not have any idea how to get on street. It helped a lot more than all the pills I take 20 prescription pills a day on a good day.And they are expensive. Some I do without every day. If I smoke I feel so much better and can actually clean my house. But, not that everyone does this but if I smoke I stay home. Same when I could drink. Not because have to but prefer too. If made legal I may be able to live without some of the meds and enjoy doing things with my 8 grand kids. Can’t even go to ball games because can not sit for long . PLEASE legalize. I am a member who does call and write government a\officials. Everyone needs to do this if you believe it should be legal.We are the ones who can make it happen by voicing our opinions.

  18. Further more I would like to state that the motherfucking fat cats over there in congress get medical shit on the low them rich mother fuckers, and I’m stuck working in a hard labor job basicly working to support my marijuana lifeline because its so damn expensive. that’s money the government or legitimate business owners could be making and paying taxes with, but instead no I buy weed from fucking gang members who use my money on it to score large amounts of hard drugs to flood our butiful streets with… Starting an even more visous and savage chane of crimes being committed by individuals.

  19. I’m an advocated pot smoked and for this bill to get passed along the chain of office and approve it would mean the world to me. All crime, weather it be petty larceny or as crazy as kidnaping someone is a direct effect of marijuan not being legal, even for medical use some people commit crimes and all other sorts of atrocities to make money in order to buy marijuana on the streets… Why they are doing this, its because they need marijuana to function and live right. Even if it were to just be legalized on a medicinal level for north corolina, it would change the whole mentality of these street cause people with minimum wage jobs can’t afford to buy their proper amount of herb on the streets so they resort to crime to obtain it… not because its addictive and they can’t live without it its because they need it in order to live comfortably in their own body. Marijuana is the single most best aighlment reliever on the face of this earth and just because that its already legal for recreational use in other states…should tell u something about the lies the government has washed your brains with since u were young… PS I’ve been smoking weed since elementary school and I’m officially a collage drop out with a highschool deploma. I wasn’t the best student in school its cause I would skip so damn much to make money to get pot, so I could focus in school. If I wasn’t high in class I would be asleep soi chose to cut class whenever I had a culling to get extra money on the side for marijuana.

    • Emin, Being poor is no excuse for committing crimes period ! there are other avenues one can take to help their problems. I’m tired of people using excuses for committing crimes. I grew up very poor and all of us four kids have and still law abiding citizens. there are other drugs that can help some one with bad health problems. I was hit by a stupid ass drunk driver who screwed up my life for ever. I have had 16 surgeries and 12 where I was put to sleep – two low back and three neck surgeries with spinal cord, nerve root damage and been on pain pills every day since Oct. 2007. Yes pot helps my pain and opioids help allot to, both together works better but when you go to a pain doctor you will think your on probation, get drug tested every month or be called into office for drug test and if illegal drugs are in you it’s over period plus they count your pills each month you get new prescription and drug test. North Carolina is the Buckle of The Bible Belt and very strict on things like this. Opioids work the best with my pain but mixed with pot it works even better and don’t have to take as much opioids but if I had to change to just either one I would go with opioids every time, so if people who use marijuana for pain they can get cheap opioids, they can get help paying for legal drugs. You can get help many ways, threw government, Churched etc. when one steals for marijuana has a drug problem period. When the law with pain pills and meds in the valium family were made back around June, my family doctor was taking care of my pain management but could no longer write me the amount I needed, I did not go to the black market to buy opioids to make up for the loss of mg. I was taken, yes I hurt so bad I could not do a dam thing but I’m not going to turn into a low life criminal, plus I don’t want a criminal record, my doctor is trying to find me a new pain doctor because I just had the most painful surgery I’ve ever had in my life. I’m not getting enough mg. per day and lost over 25 lbs, hair falling out from head and rest of body, sleep 4.30 hours a night, it’s been pure hell and I mean hell but not going to risk being a criminal and having a record. Yeah thought about blowing my brains out because of the brutal pain but I’m a Christian and can not kill myself because I do not want to go to hell for ever and ever, already know what a little hell feels like from this pain. Mother told me if there is a will there is a way – she is so right. Back Creek Friends meeting Church has helped me threw money and many others who were in a bind. So stealing for marijuana is equal to a drug addict, plain and simple. Yes marijuana is a wonderful drug for many things and there are others drugs that are cheap that help to.

  20. I’ve been in pain for almost 5 years now with my depression-bipolar- anxiety-fibromyalgia-stomach pain-urinary pain and multiple other things I can’t even count on two hands how many problems I have. The only solution I have kids smoking marijuana. All these painkillers and SSRIs are hurting my stomach lining, making me have to go in for a colonoscopy and an upper endoscopy. I’m only 19years old. Please hurry up and legalize it. I’m sick of being in pain.

    • Sorry to hear that at 19 you are already going through all that sh_t. I too suffer from many of the same medical conditions. Just wanted to say you are not alone and hopefully, this bill will get passed!!


  21. Why don’t they just legalize marijuana period because people are gonna smoke it anyway so why not just legalize it period point blank…

    • you learn how to read and write correctly first… peopple have shit fucked up… the reason they dont wanna legalize it is because people already dont give a fuck enough about themselves to be educated and do something with thier livees and be able to smoke too they would rather just smoke and be a piece of shit.

      • Hello don’t matter, please don’t say anything about grammar when your comment was so illiterate that I had to comment just to tell you this. You sound extremely ignorant. Your name is “dont matter”.. Must I even explain anymore?

      • I’d just like to tell you I’ve been smoking since a young age, (although I don’t promote it) and it has had no effect on my education. If anything, it made it easier to go to school and deal with dumbasses, and not want to kill myself. I know PLENTY of people who did not do well in school and didn’t graduate, and a quarter if them were the prim and proper type. I, on the other hand, passed with flying colors. Even got a 96 on my graduation project. One of the highest grades in the school, and it was hard work. (I refurbished a motorcycle) Marijuana use has no direct effect on the will or desire for knowledge. Some people just are apathetic to the need of an education, or might very well have a learning disability. Anyway, I just wanted to impart my story to you so that your mind may be as open as your mouth is.

        • Intelligent Female, you are so right about what you wrote. I always got the highest job reviews on every job I had. I went to college in my mid thirties and did well and was smoking pot the whole time and I barely got out of high school. Pot makes me zero in on what I’m doing, went to gym 5 times a week while in college and working. Been pulled over a few times while I had been smoking pot and never got a ticket. I was tops at every thing I did. Now I’m a pain patient due to a dam drunker driver, had 2 low back and 3 neck surgeries, spinal cord and nerve root damage and go to pain doctors who think everyone is a junkie or drug seeker plus they drug test you every month and count your pills to make sure you have not taken one extra. My family doctor took over my pain management and upped my dose and my father said you got our life back. I was taking to doctor and told him I was tired of being treated like I was on probaition and told him I do not drink but would like to eat a pot brownie or smoke some and he told me to enjoy my pot but asked about drug test and would insurance see the test and he told me no, that he’s the only one to see the test. Now the dam federal government with the Assinine AMA will not let family doctor to give but a small dosage and have to go to pain doc to get what one needs plus if you get pain pills you can not get valium or others in same family, now that is plain stupid. Heart doctor put me on valium because he said I had a type A personality and high strung and just a few months ago I was cut off my valium. Americans are not free, were low paid slaves without freedoms we should have. I have been under medicated with pain meds now and trying get pain doctor who are true pricks of any type of doctor I have ever been to..Anyone over 21 should be able to use marijanua, doctor should give to certain patients and drug companies need to make different form of taking THC, there is a pill but can only get it if you have cancer. Speaking of cancer my aunt was dieing from it and in real bad pain si I said why don’t you tell them to give you more and she said the doctors said they were scared it would kill her. Can you believe this.

    • Why don’t they just legalize marijuana period because people are gonna smoke it anyway so why not just legalize it period point blank…

    • Yes they crushed the bill. But u guys don’t know the whole story behind y. Just about a month ago I was filled in that NC is not having a ballot measure to vote for legal cannabis in our state but instead is moving forward with full legalization. Even in the article one man said to oppose it to leave an open door for Recreational. That is exactly y the bill was killed by the committee. Come November it may be a big surprise that cannabis will be fully legalized in this state. This is being forced through our state’s judiciary system and u won’t see any kind of post about it. My source is a partial owner of the largest legal cannabis business around, and works for a company that visits states that are getting ready to push forward with legalization. Greenleaf in NV. I am telling the truth about this, I might not have any sort of concrete proof beside for his word. He was legitimate about helping people, I have already filled paperwork to be his employee come nov. 1. He even already has a dispensary location set and grow location bought and paid for with a lisence for it. It may be hush hush but it’s coming much sooner than expected.

    • Right now current NC laws have decriminalized it meaning that u should not go to jail for simple possession. I have had friends of all ethnicities caught in possession before sometime in high amounts almost 2-3 oz and never even got out in handcuffs. I personally was pulled and had an 1/8 of some dank blue dream in a medicine bottle where I always keep it, a bowl, rolling papers, anda grinder. They just had me sit on the side of the road for a bit while they searched although I know it’s not legal to do a search without a warrant I wasn’t trying to hassle. They even complimented on how good it smelled and we talked and laughed about it. They took it and my bowl left my grinder and papers. Let me go on my way with nothing. Every cop that I have ever been around hasn’t given a fuck about weed. Fuck we got pulled over smoking it one time and the cop just told us to have a nice day after giving the driver a speeding ticket for 50 in a 35 lol. And we had 1 too many passengers for the vehicle. He just looked at us and made sure we were all in seat belts. There was no way he couldn’t smell the weed before he even got to the truck it was almost a hot box. Legalization is about to make a leap forward due to half of the US already legalizing it for at least medical reasons. The truth is we are a union of states, the differences in state laws cause conflictions. The conflictions go from state to state, and not all states accept out of state medical cards either. The reason y cannabis is about to make a big move is because too many people support it’s uses whether they actually use it themselves or not, the government knows what it is doing as well, they want their money and to continue a hidden population control agenda using pharmaceuticals. Now that 25 states have legalized it for at least medical uses means that the rest of the state of union must follow suit. We had this issue during the civil war, half the US wanted to abolish slavery the other half did not, causing the war to begin within our own country, there have been laws set into government that keeps that from happening again and forcing the other half to eventually follow suit. In other words the other 25 states that have not implemented medical cannabis laws will be force to adopt a program for medical patients to have access like they should. It seems congress is more leaning to recreational and trying to actually make it fully legal than trying to get states to implement a medical side for it. Believe it or not NC is also a hub for cannabis to be passed through from mail services. Then go from here to other states on the east coast and throughout NC. What police catch here from CA or other states that have legal cannabis they use as evidence against the growers which typically sell the product on the internet. When a payment is made online it is made to that business in that state and is treated like a legal transaction in that state. The illegal part is when they find it here and sending it in the mail. CA growers were thrown into jail and were released on no fault on their part. Plus I’m sure the lawyers helped, they have sent a lawsuit to our gov. And senator. Now when that hits someone in office from another state for that reason I think it would make any person change how they feel about cannabis. They also know that instead of losing money by going after cannabis users and sellers, y not turn around look at the big picture and say enough is enough and give in to it. Legal cannabis is right around the corner for us here in NC just wait til November a lot of shots gonna hit the fan and weed is gonna be one as well.

  22. I am getting a IV infusion at Cape Fear Hospital this very second. After this I will have to deal with the cramps and pain. I have CIDP. My infusions are every 3 weeks for 4 days in a row. These will continue the rest of my life. Please pass this bill. It could help me and others in ways most will never know and I hope you will never have to. Richard Pomeroy

  23. I’m 72, don’t care about smoking pot, but if others wish to that’s their choice; after all, I enjoy a glass of wine. I have taken Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods hemp oil every day for good health and want the opportunity to take cannabis oil high in CBD for optimal health. It took an inner ear virus three years ago leaving me with dizziness and balance issues to start my researching. I am a believer and supporter; just do your own researching. I have told all my doctors/specialist that if they tell me that I have cancer, I will go to the nearest state where it is legal for my treatment of choice.

  24. I dislocated my knee twice and I have torn ligaments. On top of that I have massive panic attacks that makes it hard for me to think or breathe. If they do legalize I would be in less mental and physical pain. I think that pain killers, ADD and anti anxiety drugs are horrible. They aren’t natural and very addictive. Its scary the world we live in today. That manufactured addictive drugs are legal and a plant is not. It makes no sense to me. Weed is not addictive physically like the drugs doctors perscribe for pain. People will shoot people over pills not weed.

    Oh and if I didn’t put a , or I spelled something wrong I seriously don’t care. I just want my physical and mental pain to go away without having to get strung out. I’ve been there done that. I rather smoke weed then kill my liver and kidneys. I have been in pain since I was 16 when I first dislocated my knee. I am now 24 and a mother of two beautiful smart little kids they don’t need their mother unable to function because of pills. So I choose to stay sober and deal with the pain until I know they legalize weed. Then I’m first in line to get the help I need. I really hope this passes. It sucks being in pain 24 7.

    • I am with you, Mary. I have been in chronic, constant pain for over 18 years now. A natural plant has got to be healthier than the many rx’s the docs keep writing. I will be one of the 1st to pull a ballot and vote, YES! Love and prayers..

  25. It is time for everyone to file lawsuits against the state and the feds for violating our constitutional rights. If others can drink and smoke cigarettes, we have the right to smoke marijuana!!!! Any lawyers out there willing to start this???

    • Noteworthy: the phrase “Constitutional Rights” is often used, but inaccurate. The accurate phrase is “Natural Rights”, which are derived from Natural Law, granted to each individual by our Creator (whatever one believes that to mean).

      The paramount reason for this seeming matter of splitting hairs, is that Civil Law can never trump Natural Law. The Bill of Rights of the US Constitution does not grant rights — its function is to legally guarantee our Natural Rights.

      Regardless, yes, a lawsuit against the US Government for VARIOUS violations of our Natural Rights is certainly overdue! 😎

      • There is no cure for stupid,that’s why we all are having to put ourselves at risk here to get medicine that is effective! And they’ll probably attach some capitalist clause to it so patients still have to trade money to live! Isnt it stupid how this was a law for patients and everyone else.That’s what happens when people lose sight with humanity for greed=stupidity!

    • The law is FAR from being passed!!! Go to mpp .org to sign a letter to your representative in support for HB 78. The bill only passed its first reading, it has a LONG uphill battle to go. In NC , We the people can not vote on issues as some states . Its up to our district representatives to vote things into law for us, so its very important to tell our representative what we want. If you agree with medical cannabis then you must contact your rep and/or sign the letter at mpp .org. You can personalize this letter and express how cannibis helps you or you can simply sign the letter

  26. Thanx cause i been kick out of pain management 3 ti
    e n different dr.s cause i would not stop smoing pot n all tbey wanted to do was pill me up well news flash i rather use pot cause it works not eat pills n be junkie or fuck up my guts n they don’t work they just jakk mr up

  27. im so glad that they finally have decided to pass the law on medical marijuana….its inexpensive to cultivate….a great cash crop….and can save lives….anyone willingly denying the facts are the ones thats out here making the illegal drugs pills and alcohol….just wonder what stipulations there gonna have on getting a prescription

  28. I have lupus, fibromyalgia and a dozen other things going on. Since my diagnosis I have been on over 50 different meds. The meds have caused me to gain to over 300 lbs now and I cannot lose it without life-changing surgery which I do not want, it comes with horrible risks also. To be able to get off all these meds would be a life saver for me. I have never smoked marijuana and have No idea other than what others have told me or what I have read. I beg lawmakers in NC to make a change for those of us in pain. I spent my life nursing others.please reward me in my retirement to enjoy my yes for bill 78

  29. Ive got PTSD an smoking cannibis really helps alot with the aniexty an depression.. I so cant wait to get a script now that its passed..

  30. I moved to CO about 8 months ago so I could be free and use man for my crohns disease,severe pain and’s nice nc is doing this but there isn’t the opportunity for jobs there like it is here.I think I’ll be staying here

  31. I’m not looking for a “high”, I’m just praying for a cure. In the Summer of 2014 I was diagnosed with a Tectal Brainstem Glioma. It is both inoperable and incurable with the treatments that are currently available for me. At this point my only hope is to extend my life by possibly 2-3 years. Cannibis oil is my only hope left for curing this Cancer. So far I have gone through six weeks of Radiation therapy and have completed two cycles of Chemotherapy. I have to go through Chemo every month for at least a year thus far. I desperately need this law to pass in order for me to have a chance at cureing this Cancer and living a long life. Medical marijuana has higher CBD’s which is what has been found to actually cure brain cancers as well as other types of Cancer. Thanks to the advances of the great state of Colorado, they have cultivated medical marijuana that also has lower THC, which is what gives one the “high” feeling. Passing this law will save many lives without the horrible side effects that come with radiation and chemotherapy. I, nor anyone else, should have to suffer just to stay alive or extend their life!

    • im 56yrsold i was diognosed wiyh hiv 30yrs ago i wasblowing leaves from the roof of my home 8 yrs ago fell onto the concrete driveway fractured my back in 3 places the surgeons wont touvh me beauce of the hiv instead i get painkillers that debilatate me in the past 5 yrs ive had 6 heart attacks more pills now my intestines are inflamed by all the meds i suffer from diareha no appitite weight loss i was liturally forceing myself to eat then i started researching weed then i tried it after smoking half a joint i literally ate anything i could find in the 6 or 7 monthsmonths ive been smpking weed my stomach issues are better im gaing my weight back and i can funtion better to bad i cant spell better lol ive also been able to stop 5 different meds and no longer bother with 2 high dollar specialist no one else in my home uses weed i keep put away even though my kids are adults now i go outside to smoke out of respect for my family the down side i have to worry about going to jail thats not right its my body i have a god given right to decide wwhat is best for me ive read a ot of statements on this and other sites and heres something noeone has said but im going to say it if a woman has the right to have an abortion because its her body then i should have a right to medicate with weed because its my body im not saying that to be hateful about anything just make a point that the same principle should apply that being its my body

  32. I have been a marijuana enthusiast for going on twelve years. I have seen many sides to this argument. It is my opinion that cannabis as a whole can make a big change in our country’s current situation. The income from the legalization on medical and/or recreational use marijuana is a big deal. Increased funding for state projects like roads and parks, or god forbid we have the money to build bigger better public schools so that we might better educate our youth. With the added benefits of revitalizing wanting agricultural and textile industries in the south. Hemp could be the next cotton. So not does the state get to collect revenue on taxed marijuana sales, but thousands of people find work again in cotton mills repurposed and reopened. Maybe I am wrong and legalizing hemp and marijuana might magically turn us all into unwashed lazy stereotypical “hippies” and send our whole country into a dark spiral of despair as we all sit around getting stoned and eating cookies

    • I wouldn’t mind either way! We’ve already got one foot in Hell in these times, why not sit around baked and eat cookies while we watch the world die?! Not saying that’s what I’m hoping for, but that’s not a bad “dark side” to this situation.

  33. We are getting closer to the goal. …..I say do away with man made pills…it’s a pharmaceutical world it’s sick…..the government has been growing pot …marijuana FOR YEAR’S THEY KNOW It’s beneficial ….It’s grown on earth for thousands of years for a reason are ancestors & Indians smoked it …I’m tired of hiding & feeling like a bad person ..when it’s something I need to be alive …to calm me down …to help me sleep. …I think better on it ….all pains go away …I don’t believe in pills never have never will …PLEASE Stop making pot smokers feel bad !!! Alcohol should be way more harder to get then pot …You never in your life here any negative side effects or a fatalities related to pot… cause they scientifically already proved it’s the miracle drug …I recorded the show the stuff u didn’t know …government has barrels apon barrels that they have preserved & tested people they are growing it …it will be legal ..they just want to make sure they get there buck there cut !! Times are changing just not fast enough !! For the true pot peeps

  34. People please don’t smoke before you leave your comments. I’m reading some of these and I agree with what you’re intent on sayin but dang…post before smoke. That way we can understand your point.

  35. In NC there are 4 classes of misdemeanors ranging from A to D. While the possesion of up to half an ounce of marijuana is a class D misdemeanor and will only get you a citation but if you get caught also with ANY form of drug paraphernalia with it, be it rolling papers, pipe, cigarillo, scales, or grinders, that classifies as a class D misdemeanor, in which they can arrest you. It also depends on which county you live in in NC. Some are more lenient than others.

  36. Weed is good for people that need it N some people do not need is weed is good for u at time people may say it’snot but iit’s because no one less there life doing it so this is me to u if u do not give us it we allr got it

  37. Oh my god, please get this passed. I’ve been waiting for 5 years, since I discovered the beneficial effects of cannabis on my autism, PTSD, ADHD, suicidal depression, anxiety and anxiety attacks, and leg pains. Please don’t make me wait 5 more.

  38. I say about time…I am 51 yrs old and have had chronic pain ( ms) for years…I have taken every pill they threw at me. Lost my job in September could not afford to pay for meds…. so now nothing. People need to wake up its not about getting high it’s about no pain for me. I say legalize and see what happens. Better than alcohol and all these prescription drugs out here….

  39. I have worked in this field in Colorado and I can’t count the number of people that I have had the pleasure of talking to and getting to know that this medicine Has helped like no other has. If nc takes this step into the right direction not only for its people but the state it’s self would be an great step for it.

    • Bad thing is that it will take so long for NC to approve it. My family and I are moving to Colorado in June to get my son on the oil. We’re not sure if we will do Charlotte’s Web or Haleigh’s Hope. It’s sad that our kids are not important to our lawmakers. I would just like my son to know what a semi- “normal” life is. He is 4, almost 5 years old and has had seizures his whole life, along with other medical issues. I hope NC does get it, but I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

      • Um. They passed medical in 2014 for pediatric seizure disorders in NC. Probably easier to do research vs moving everybody to CO

        • Although they passed the bill, the medical budget does not allot any money for them to prescribe it or do further research. I was told by my Neurologist in NC (I have epilepsy) that it would cost around 800-1000 a month for CBD oil because insurance won’t cover it, and because the state still doesn’t have the budget for it / medical practices have a difficult time getting a hold of it.

  40. Here in Missouri we current have 1 bill that is collecting signatures for a full legalization. No silly plant or possession limits which allows small time farmers to grow and make a living basically by gardening in your backyard. Juts curious anyone know if NC is a commonwealth state or can you guys pass voters initiatives? Feel free to look up Missouri Cannabis Reform on fb.

  41. you all sound like fucking idiots i have two citations for 28 grams in nc . therefore it is Decriminalized. also have 12 simple marijuana charges all for random grams,blunts,bowls etc. not once have i been arrested and taken to jail. get your shit straight.

    • I live in NC and my brother just got out of prison for posession of 1 oz. He served 6 months for it. They were criminal citations but he still was convicted of 6 mths.

    • I have had numerous occasions of being busted with cannabis and been arrested every time it has just been decriminalized or y did I do 6-8 month so in a Raleigh prison. You get your facts straight!

    • Oh yeah? I got two two felonies for three grams of pot less than a year ago. Two nugs, in one bag, no scales, no paraphernalia. Beat that.

    • What happens to you if you have marijuana in your possession depends greatly upon which County / Parish you happen to be in at the time you’re stopped. Larger cities, larger Counties………California where there are more important law-enforcement issues a person often can get a pass. Out in small town USA or a County where cow’s out number the humans. Not so much so. Btw. Fuck You

    • OP your grammar makes you sound like an idiot. How about read the fucking article where is states that it depends on what county you are in. Durrrrrrrr.

    • Wow. Were trying to get shit legalized to make some of our life’s easier and we have a prison pissing contest. Thanks guys

    • Hold up Sir, I have got busted ma times yrs ago here in nc but was take in every time. It depends on county. Some push harder on pot than others.

  42. All of u fighting with each other? Crazy all wanting the same thing to happen. Why not stick together and try to get this bill to pass. I smoked for years to escape my pain and anxiety, had to quit smoking to go through pain management. Tell u the truth smoking help both issues better for me than these dn pills.

    • I completely agree. I smoke not 24’7 but I do. I have sleeping problems and suffer from depression.. Smoking literally helps me get my appetite back which is hardly ever there, I get to sleep at night when/if I smoke (if I dont smoke i’ll only get about 2/3 hours of sleep). So I say make it happen. pass it.. I think it will do waaay more GOOD than bad!

    • Carson gave up the horrible sige effects with MS drug therapies 5 yers ago,and it keeps me attack free with no other meds just staying hydrated as hell, and medicating with cannabis.Thank you for realizing the truth
      No relapses or flare ups whatsoever thus far,almost eight years still fighting! You cant keep good dogs down,we always come hown!

  43. I know and have seen many great people who have suffered through there lives with something as simple as a persistent migraine all the up to cancers of many types and these people can not find conform or keep food on their stomachs and the side effects from all the prescription drugs: addiction, kidney failure, internal bleeding, mental changes, physical changes, and many other internal damages. Though marijuana is a natural healing drug that has been used through out many of thousands of years by many different cultures for extensive medical uses we r just now starting to relive and except it into our culture.there are billions upon billions that this medical mystery will help wit pain, nausea, eating disorders, mental, physical, and much more. The great people of this state as well as allover the world would benefit from the comfort and medical uses of Marijuana.

  44. I can’t tell you how much this state needs it. It breaks my heart to see my fellow tar heels in line for medication that makes them feel worse has worse long term side effects and breaks the bank on there and. My dad has been on disability since I was 13 I’m now 22. I have watch his body adjust to so many different types of medications over the years. I’ve seen and heard every name out there. But when he smokes the light comes back to his face he has a personality again. Its almost like I have my dad back from when I was kid….I will always be for marijuana I will always resent pills and question the purpose of them because they have done more harm and put my dad through more then some plant ever could. That plant that everybody is so afraid of is natural. If you tell me weed is bad for you then you might as well say Apple’s and bannanas are bad for you to.

  45. Its been only a citation for up to a half an ounce for ever here in NC so what are all these ppl talking about? I live here!

    • It shouldn’t be a citation for any adult who wants to use it properly. I live here as well and I want it legalized completely but I will take this as a first step.

    • No its a criminal offense in NC. Under a half once is a misdemeanor but it’s still a criminal offense on your record for rest of life. I live in NC as well and have been through this a couple times.

    • Shit so do I and have been busted twice for it and it may be just a citation but that kills you when looking for a job. This is just the first step to legal recreational use, then people aint really got to worry about getting busted and it showing up on their record thats why people are excited.

    • They lock you up for any amount in NC small or large, unless you got a cop who will let you dump it out, then you can leave the stop.

  46. I have an anxiety disorder as well as a problem which having no appetite may leave me not hungry or eating sometimes for a couple day.Sleeping is often an issue as well… I self medicate using the natural plant marijuana as well as hemp oil ……
    Having no side effects that I get with the antidepressants I am supposed to be taking..
    However trying to further myself financially is hard due to pre employment screening….
    . yet if I was an alcoholic who drank away my day seeking a new job there is no test to eliminate me…

    I say just legalize it…. The numbers alone justify it by looking at the generated revenue in states that have legalized…

    Wake up NC!!

  47. I suffer with chronic back pain (just had back surgery ), arthritis, migraines, osteoarthritis in left knee. If i knew that smoking marijuana would help with the pain i would give it a tey. I’m sick of having to take so mamy pain pills.

    • I have very similar issues, right down to just having had spinal fusion surgery. I’ve never used marijuana, because the smell alone makes me ill. However, I keep being told that trying it in different forms (food, etc.) would make a world of difference. I’d try it in these other forms in a heartbeat, if it meant getting off of all these pain meds….

      • Being a user and I have my neck fused from a car accident and am still walking, I can say it makes the pain far less if you’re in any. Plus no side effects like pain killers etc when you stop using.

    • Chell, I have very similar issues, right down to just having had spinal fusion surgery. I’ve never used marijuana, because the smell alone makes me ill. However, I keep being told that trying it in different forms (food, etc.) would make a world of difference. I’d try it in these other forms in a heartbeat, if it meant getting off of all these pain meds….

  48. “Decriminalized” only means that you will not receive a court appointed attorney to represent you in court. In other words, you are on your own unless you can afford an attorney.

    • Not true. A court appointed attorney is available to you if you cannot afford one regardless. It’s a constitution thing.

  49. I don’t know how stupid you all are but I’m from NC it definitely has not been decriminalized here, as much as i love to see bills like this introduced I know it will never pass through our house.

  50. It WAS decriminilized last campaign….the penalties were lessened and now you just get a simple possession of up to a half ounce. Decriminalization doesn’t mean legallegalization. Check your laws before you try and criticize a nc resident for saying it’s been decriminilized, because it has.

    • As a fellow NC resident, its seems you are the one who doesn’t understand the definition of decriminalization.

      “Decriminalization means that a state repealed or amended its laws to make certain acts criminal, but no longer subject to prosecution. In the marijuana context, this means individuals caught with small amounts of marijuana for personal consumption won’t be prosecuted and won’t subsequently receive a criminal record or a jail sentence.”

      Simple possession does not mean decriminalized because you still have to go to court for a misdemeanor and it still will appear on your permanent record. True decriminalization would be a simple fine with no required court appearance.

  51. ok I have to say this is great news ,, and thank you for keeping me inform on this , bill 78 but when is the date for House Committee on Judiciary to look at this and put there vote on this ,, so I can get people to call and tell there reps to vote yes on this ,, please e-mail me at to answer me , and that I live in Brunswick county who is my rep and how do I get in touch with him or her ?

  52. just legalize it for everyone it would help pay a lot of taxes for roads and bridges and schools. Even May make traces on gas cheaper!!!

  53. Well looks like NC could see heavy traffic from sc unless we do the same.

    As for any who does not think pain is an issue. I am having my 7 th knee surgery weds. Been competing in jui Jitsu and crossfit for years.

    Very simple smoking or cooking with marijuna alleviates pain and makes me a productive person. To my wife business partner and the world. The pharmaceutical pain medicine they will give me on Wednesday make me a zombie with ridiculous side effects.

    It is about time the idiots in all states start to listen. It’s not there decision it’s the will of the people for the people.

    Sorry just venting now.

  54. So ridiculous that it’s not legalized, much less the fact it’s still not available for medical purposes. I sure hope it passes, but the extreme right wing repubs will most likely vote against it. In one month CO sold 34 mil in marijuana. 3.4 mil of that went to schools and crime is down 15%. There are no reasonable excuses as to why it’s not legal when alcohol is. Legalize it and reap the benefits of jobs, tax money and much more.

  55. Is this legislation similar to the old HB 1280 that got stalled in the process last session? So , what’s the next step towards legalization?

  56. i think its BS that West Virginia is trying so hard…protest after protest and yet they still say no. What part of medical use and profiteering can’t all states realize? Might as well move to amsterdam cause at least they have some brains.

  57. they should jus deal away with the prohibition of marijuana because people are gonna do it weather it’s legal or not they holding back on they own money

  58. I have CPTSD (Complex Post traumatic stress disorder) and severe spinal damage. I have tried almost every medication to help with these chronic issues. And I will say, smoking when I first awake. I get threw my day with freedom of pain or anxiety. I can do m yoga, enjoy my hobbies and not worry about an ugly side effect that the other medications poisoned me with. I pray to the heavens above that this goes through. This is a herbal remedy. One that will help so many to not have to rely on pharmaceuticals and create more jobs for NC.

  59. We need to just have it legalized everywhere….. daily smokers don’t need to be killing they buzz because if having to look over their shoulder because they are afraid of going to jail because of a plant that grows and is accessible to everyone!

  60. Whoever said it’s already decriminalized in nc is very stupid I urge you to go smoke at a police station, if it was then there would be no need for medical purposes!

    • No, sir you are very stupid.. Weed is decriminalized in nc.. This means you can’t go to jail for a misdemeanor for possession. If you contain over half an ounce you can go to jail. There’s a difference between decriminalized and legal. Get your facts straight…

    • you obviously don’t know what “decriminalized” means. It went from very bad consequences to not so severe consequences. Soooo instead of
      Immediately assuming everyone ELSE is stupid, do a little research and you won’t look so stupid.

    • decriminalization means its still against the law. its just has stipulations. you can carry up to a half ounce with only getting a simple ticket. compared to being arrested at the scene.

    • Omg you must be stupid too, decriminalized and legal are two seperate things. Decriminalized just means you don’t get jail time for having under a certain amount. Of course you would get fucking arrested for smoking weed at a police station. Even if it’s legalized like it is in D.C. You still can’t smoke on public property or at police stations and shit like that.

    • Decriminalized up to 2.5 grams, as in you won’t go to jail but you will still get fined. Don’t be ignorant on the internet.

    • Decriminalized
      States That Have Decriminalized
      The following states have passed laws decriminalizing marijuana. Typically, decriminalization means no prison time or criminal record for first-time possession of a small amount for personal consumption. The conduct is treated like a minor traffic violation.
      District of Columbia
      New York
      North Carolina
      Rhode Island

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    • “Decriminalized” only means that you will not receive a court appointed attorney to represent you in court. In other words, you are on your own unless you can afford an attorney.

    • Are you stupid weed is decrimalized and you wont go to jail for it unless you have more than an ounce and if you have less than an ounce it is taken away and no further actions is take and i would know its happened to me on numerous acations

      • It is partially decriminalized. You still get a ticket to appear in court and if you are charged it is still misdemeanor. It still affects your criminal record: True decriminalized states will have a mere fine with no court appearance.

    • “Decriminalized” only means that you will not receive a court appointed attorney to represent you in court. In other words, you are on your own unless you can afford an attorney.

  61. Mork if the republicans don’t pass the bill then u all know who not elect in 2016 or u can do what we the people did in Colorado when 3 politicians didn’t vote on a bill the majority wanted and voted what the minority of voters wanted we started a recall petition for each of the 3 and elected 3 politicians who vote what the majority wants now.

  62. Ohronic pain is one of the worst feelings an Ur( legal) medicine does not work that great an if u take enough to clear the pin u will be sick. So the smoke makes it better an u don’t have TO take that extra pill.

  63. why don’t they just go on and decriminalize it and get it over with. In North Carolina it is always ok were going to do this,BUT——– and by the time its done no one can understand what it is. It is so simple. DECRIMINALISE MARIJUANA

      • only medical users can have it in NC dumb ass!

        quote :”House Bill 78 would legalize the possession of up to 24 ounces of cannabis for those who receive a recommendation from a physician.

        • Zay is right, Franko. In North Carolina up to 1.5 oz. is only a misdemeanor, Which=decriminalization. Compare that to Arizona where any amount on the first offense is a felony.

          • seriously? Just because the law books call it decriminalization does not make it so. Your first and second joint may be misdemeanors but your third joint is charged as a felony in NC. Doesn’t matter if you were charged ten years apart, you are still a felon for life for simply being a recreational user.

            It’s incredibly sad that so many people are willing to say “It’s better than such and such” and then leave it at that. We should be able to feel good about our laws, even if others do have worse laws.

            True decriminalization means that someone doesn’t become a criminal for smoking a joint. Of course, most of us have the means to hire an attorney. So I suppose you could say that it’s decriminalized, but only for those above the poverty line.

          • it’s always been one ounce or under is a misdemeanor anything over an ounce is a felony and its been like that for as long as I can remember I got busted when I was 15 I’m 21 now so its been like that for over 6 years

      • Quite a strong reaction to semantics.. Maybe you need some pot for your anger issues.

        But seriously though, yeah it’s decriminalized, meaning you won’t be taken to jail but merely be given a citation if you have less than a certain amount. It still is a misdemeanor however, and will follow you the rest of your life on background checks if you get convicted of it. I believe the gentlemen meant “LEGALIZE MARIJUANA FOR RECREATIONAL PURPOSES”

        • I have been taken to jail in charlotte nc for less than a bowl pack… they can still take you to jail for a misdemeanor… it is up to the cop

      • Just ask most of the incarcerated black kids in our county jails if it is decriminalized. Unless your a criminal attorney, STFU.

      • Zay – you must be smoking PCP, your delusional as one can get. you need to read and learn the truth. Wake up and smoke the truth.

  64. This is a much need medicine for people with ptsd and a lot of other issues . It should not be over looked as I have to take many pills that I don’t like with much more side effects ! this is a natural medication NOT CHEMICAL PLANTS !! I support this bill and would like to have the respect as a citizen to have a choice.

  65. This bills is sponsored by Representatives Alexander, Carney, Harrison, and Cunningham. All four are Democrats and if this bill even comes up for debate in committee, it will never make it out of a Republican controlled House, much less pass through the Senate or Governors office. Much needed public relations work is needed to before lawmakers will move on legislation like this.

  66. Legislative Event March 19th in Legislative Auditorium, 16 West Jones St. Raleigh, NC 9am to 3pm. Real doctors speaking. PLEASE call your NC Legislators and ask them to attend and get educated.

    • I m from NC I live now in Arizona an I lived in CA an had my mmc here in AZ I never thought that in the BIBLE BELT that this day would ever come now I’m proud of nc!!

      • I live in NC and legalizing marajuana wouls do so much..imagine this your the parent of a 12 yr old child whom is diagnosed with schizophrenia, on 6 different sychotic meds, school is a major issue, wont have nothin to do with society(wont even try to go out side) CBD oil has been so great..this is an extract from hemp and the marijauna plant ..imagine this child being able to have his life changed by the legalization of a plant…god created the marijana plant for a reason..and it stops the staring spells he has a form of seisures..please legalize and give my child a chance at a real productive life…

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