Non-Profit Medical Marijuana Organization Gets $240,000 Google Grant

Non-Profit Medical Marijuana Organization Gets $240,000 Google Grant

Michigan Compassion, a not-for-profit organization working to raise the awareness of, and legalize medical marijuana, has received a $240,000 grant from Google, as part of their Google Grants project.logo2

Michigan Compassion has since stated that they will use the grant to promote medical marijuana awareness; “We must increase awareness to increase acceptance.”

“What makes this grant award unique is that Google AdWords, being a key-word driven service, prohibits the promotion of cannabis which is the primary theme of the organization’s mission,” said James Campbell, Board Secretary of Michigan Compassion.

The award letter from Google acknowledges that Michigan Compassion is the first medical marijuana organization to receive a grant from the Google Grants project, which goal is to provide thousands of dollars worth of free advertising space to nonprofit organizations. Michigan Compassion is currently running a billboard campaign in Detroit; they hope that this grant will help to dramatically increase their presence.

“We were very surprised to receive a personalized letter from Google, let alone its acknowledgement of Michigan Compassion as a medical marijuana non-profit and their support of this organization’s mission,” stated Campbell.


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  • keisha humphrey
    August 18, 2016

    I am a new non-profit I want to open a medical dispensary, and by looking at the cost I will need help. There are some things that has not been done in this field that I know will help the people.

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