New York Senate Committee Passes Bill to Legalize Medical Cannabis

New York’s Senate Health Committee has given approval to the Compassionate Care Act, a measure to legalize medical cannabis. The measure nowLos Angeles City Council Votes To Ban Medical Marijuana Dispensaries heads to the Senate Finance Committee, where its passage will send it to the full Senate. According to Senator Diane Savino, the bill’s primary sponsor, the measure has well more than the votes needed to pass the full Senate.

If approved into law, the measure will legalize the possession and use of medical cannabis for those with a qualifying condition who receive a recommendation from a physician. State-licensed dispensaries will be authorized to provide safe access to the medicine for patients.

After the vote in the Senate Health Committee, loud applause broke out among those in the audience.

According to polling released in February, 88% of New York residents support this move towards legalizing medical cannabis.

– TheJointBlog

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