New York Opens Application Process for Medical Cannabis Producers and Dispensers

New York's State Flag.
New York’s State Flag.

New York’s Department of Health announced it is accepting applications from those wanting to operate organizations that manufacture and dispense medical cannabis in the state.

The announcement comes over 9 months after Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation into law that allows those with certain medical conditions to possess and use cannabis medicines if they receive a recommendation from a physician. The law doesn’t allow patients to smoke cannabis, meaning they’ll be required to consume it through other means such as oils, tinctures, vaporizers and edibles.

“This represents an important step in implementing the medical marijuana program in New York State,” said New York Health Commissioner Howard Zucker in a Monday press release. “We have laid out an ambitious timeline in getting the program up and running and we are meeting our goals. Once the applications are in, we can begin our review and move to the next step of selecting the registered organizations this summer.”

Applicants are required to pay a $10,000 non-refundable application fee in addition to a $200,000 registration fee.

The state plans to have the companies registered by July.


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