New York Legalizes Medical Cannabis

New York has officially legalized medical cannabis through an executive order made today, January 8th, by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Under the order, the possession of cannabisMedical marijuana is shown in a jar at The Joint Cooperative in Seattle will be legal for medical purposes for those with debilitating conditions such as cancer and glaucoma. A limited number of hospitals will be authorized to prescribe cannabis to patients. Governor Cuomo hopes to have infrastructure in place to allow dispensaries to distribute cannabis to patients by the end of the year.

By making this executive order, Governor Cuomo bypasses the state’s legislature, which has refused to approve recent attempts to legalize medical cannabis. The order is made possibly through a little-known provision in the state’s public health law known as the Antonio G. Olivieri Controlled Substance Therapeutic Research Program, which allows for the medical use of cannabis, but was never implemented.

Although advocates must continue to fight for broader reform, this move is clearly a positive development, and a significant step forward.


48 thoughts on “New York Legalizes Medical Cannabis”

  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank God my prayers have been answered.I take marinol ,but rather take the real stuff for healing and curing purposes.:)

  2. This bill is from 1980 lmfao!!!!! This is Cuomo trying to sway a few votes his way come election time no more no less!! Sen. Liz Krueger will really get it done the way its supposed to. Your gonna have to be pretty much on your death bed to get it under Cuomos law and alot of people that could really use it will be left on the outside looking in..SAD BUT TRUE!!!!!

  3. Most ppl think that medical weed will make everyone get stoned…but medical weed is grown mostly with low levels of thc… u do get the relief of taking it…but not neccesarily the high u get from the stra good thing…bring on wisconsin!eet stuff. I do believe this is

  4. the guy who said Cuomo is a man of honor is clearly a liberal. he’s no better than the criminals on the streets of Poughkeepsie or newburgh.

  5. How about people with anger problems? Believe it or not anger is an illness that is also genetic where cannabis can help slow the heart rate and prevent blackout rage.

  6. hopefully will help with ms symptoms.pain, muscle spasms ect. ,most likely not with the cognitive issues lol but has to be better then those mega doses of iv steroids

  7. neurologists say it will help with ms symptoms,pain ,muscle spasms??probably not cognitive thinking though well cant have everything

  8. I have diabetic neuropathy.. this sure would get rid of a so much pain that I have. Wonder if it will be legal for that?? I take gabapentin daily and sometimes it doesn’t even touch the pain..

  9. Cuomo is a fraud. He just trying to get re-elected. afterward he’s going to go back on the deal just like everything else.

  10. Yeah cool it’s legalized for people with bad sickness
    But, what about chronic migraines, anxiety, depression..
    And when will we see this in Kingston ny, Saugerties ny, lake katrine ny, ny city?
    It’s easy to buy. N don’t have to pay taxes on it
    From a dealer so y but it from store.

  11. This is great. The more people become high, the faster everyone will be nicer and get along the right way. Hopefully this wont be just for cancer patients, even though it will.

    • Jamie, it does not reduce them. My brother has epilepsy. His seizures are caused by lack of oxygen to he brain due to an abnormally low heart rate. This will lower his heart rate even more….actually it does. And so when he smokes before he sleeps, then continues to have a lowered heart rate throughout sleep, he finally wakes up with little oxygen in his brain and seizes. Granted, it could potentially stifle the pain of seizing or in his shoulder when it pops out every time, or his tongue when he bites it, or his foot when he cuts it open on glass he broke while seizing. However it does not reduce the seizing itself.

      • My husbanx has eplilepsy and it has helped/improved plus it has been proven to help. Some ppl it may not it all depends. Everyone is dif and everyone has dif opinions on this as well.

    • It does help reduce them, also everyone is dif and also has dif conditions for some it might not help and with others it can. It has helped my husband

    • Thats what Ive been waiting for. Im waiting for perscription cbd’s. I smoke now and have grown to enjoy it but id give up the high if it meant Id give up MORE of the seizures. Evidently straight cbd’s do that. I have enormous pain in my neck back mussels n joints from the spasams but could not continue painmanagment because I started smoking. I wanna know what effect this has on the 10 panel screen and if pot will be taken off it.

  12. You try being a diabetic that takes so many pills for my 13 other illnesses that I get loss of appetite and low sugar attacks, which u can’t feel coming on because of the beta blockers for your heart, Not to mention constant pain from bone disease, osteo and arthritis and the only thing that helps u eat past the pills is the medical use of marijuana. It is far from recreational nor abused, hell the pain meds and anxiety pills keep u dopey enough. Think outside the box and see the suffering and minor relief but alas a relief!!!

  13. Now every one will all the suddenwill have chronic pain. then talk the insurance company when I say insurance company I really mean Medicaid.

    • fuck of , people on medicaid are why the rest of new yourk get such fat income tax checks, we are your write off and not all of us are lazy ass hat

  14. What about aids, hep c, diabetes ,pain management. Also does this change the nys cannabis law of 24grams punishable by a fine. To possession of a controlled subtance like possession of a prescription drug with out a prescription? Cus if it does.. you voters just allowed him to use his power under the guise of compassion. How does it feel to know yesterday’s cannabis, up to 24 grams in ny was decriminalized. Now he passes this and turns rec user’s into criminals ans any amount in possession is punishable by prison. ?.you let him pull this. Let him…,,thats dumb…legal lile lawn clippings. Or keep ot the same!

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