New York House and Senate Passes Hemp Proposal

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New York House and Senate Passes Hemp Proposal

Yesterday New York’s full Senate and House of Representatives approved a proposal to legalize the cultivation of hemphemphemphemp for research purposes, making New York the 16th state to do so. The measure now heads to Governor Andrew Cuomo for consideration.

“This bill positions New York state to take advantage of what will certainly become a new industry,” says Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo, the bill’s primary sponsor in the Assembly. “Not only will this allow us to begin researching potential uses for this lucrative crop, but also the potential for new manufacturing and markets across the state.”

If signed into law by the governor, the bill would authorize the state’s Department of Agriculture, as well as universities in the state, to cultivate hemp for the purposes of research. A national farm bill approved in February and signed by President Obama makes the measure legal under federal law.

“This proposed pilot program would help New York State secure a strong position at the forefront of a future industry that can diversify and strengthen our agricultural industry, generate revenue and create jobs,” says Senator Tom O’Mara, the bill’s sponsor in the Senate.

Governor Cuomo has yet to say whether he will sign the proposal into law, let it become law without his signature, or veto it.

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