New York Governor Signs Hemp Proposal Into Law

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New York Governor Signs Hemp Proposal Into Law

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo earlier this weekhemphemphemp signed into law a proposal that legalizes the cultivation and production of hemp for research purposes. The proposal, put forth by Assemblymember Donna Lupardo and Senator Tom O’Mara, passed the state’s House and Senate earlier this year.

Under the new law, New York’s Department of Agriculture, as well as universities in the state, are authorized to cultivate and produce hemp for the purposes of research. With President Obama recently signing a federal spending bill which prohibits the DEA from interfering with state-sanctioned hemp research programs, New York will have some added security as they move forward with implementation of this new law.

“This bill positions New York state to take advantage of what will certainly become a new industry,” says Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo. “Not only will this allow us to begin researching potential uses for this lucrative crop, but also the potential for new manufacturing and markets across the state.”

According to Senator Tom O’Mara, the bill will “help New York State secure a strong position at the forefront of a future industry that can diversify and strengthen our agricultural industry, generate revenue and create jobs”.

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