New York Governor Signs Bill Legalizing Medical Cannabis

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New York Governor Signs Bill Legalizing Medical Cannabis

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has officially signed the New York Compassionate Care Act into law, a measure legalizing the medical use of cannabis.Medical-Marijuana

Under the new law, those in New York will be allowed to possess and use cannabis for medical purposes if they receive a recommendation from a physician, and subsequently receive a registration card from the State Health Department. Unfortunately smoking cannabis will be prohibited, as Cuomo threatened to veto the proposal otherwise. Vaporizing, however, will be allowed, as will the consumption of cannabis through edibles, lotions, tinctures, oils, etc..

The Compassionate Care Act will also legalize cannabis dispensaries to provide safe access to the medicine, though only five will be authorized throughout the state, giving medical cannabis advocates plenty of reason to fight for further access.

The measure takes effect immediately, with dispensaries expected to be open by next year.


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  • Marilyn Armstrong
    July 11, 2014

    I think if it can help you..then make it legal…everywhere

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