New Study Finds Cannabis May Help Combat Osteoporosis in Men With Prostate Disease

A new study has found evidence that cannabis may help treat osteoporosis, specifically in men suffering from prostate disease.osteoporosis

According to researchers from Konkuk University, in Seoul, Republic of Korea, a substantial portion of men with prostatic disease have an increased risk of bone loss, but activating cannabinoid receptors can help combat these effects. Scientists induced prostatic hyperplasia (enlargement of the prostate gland) in rats and administered a cannabinoid agonist. The enhanced cannabinoid receptor expression caused an upregulation of osteoblastogenesis, or an increase in bone growth, while inhibiting the prostatic hyperplasia.

Researchers conclude that these results suggest activated cannabinoid receptors can offer anti-osteoporotic effects by simultaneously altering the activation of osteoblasts (cells that cause bone growth) and osteoclasts (cells that cause bones to be broken down).

Previous studies have offered similar conclusions, citing cannabinoids, such as those found in cannabis, as a powerful tool in treating human bone disease.

This study was e-published ahead of print in the journal The Aging Male, and published by the National Institute of Health.

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  1. What great news, everyday more and more benefits of marijuana are coming out.

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