New Study: Cannabinoids Promote Healthy Placental Development, Positive Pregnancy Outcomes

A new study published this month by the journal Reproduction, and published online by the National Institute of Health, has found exciting new evidencePregnant3 to suggest that proper cannabinoid signalling can lead to health placental development during pregnancy, and an overall good pregnancy outcome.

According to the study’s researchers; “whereas the loss of ψm [mitochondrial membrane potential] and ROS/RNS [reactive oxygen/nitrogen species] generation were significantly attenuated by both Cannabinoid Receptors 1 and 2 (CB1, CB2) antagonists, the increase in caspase 3/7 and 9 activities and cell viability loss were only reversed by CB2 antagonist; the blockage of the eCB membrane transporter and the cholesterol depletion failed the reversion of 2-AG effects. Therefore, this study supports the importance of cannabinoid signalling during cytotrophoblast cell [a type of stem cell] turnover and that its deregulation may be implicated in altered placental development and poor pregnancy outcome.”

This new study – which, researchers tell us has important implications for using cannabinoid agonists (such as cannabis) during pregnancy to increase the chance of a positive outcome – can be found by clicking here.


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