New Report: Legal Cannabis Market Would be Worth Over £1.25 Billion Annually in U.K.

A new report conducted by the Institute for Social and Economic Research has found that cannabis legalization in the United Kingdom could bring in at least £1.25 billioncannabismoney (roughly $1.6 billion) annually in the U.K., including £300 million being saved from reduced enforcement costs.

According to Professor David Nutt, director of the neuropsychopharmacology unit at Imperial College in London, the report provided strong evidence “that the costs of the current punitive approaches to cannabis control are massively disproportionate to the harms of the drug, and shows that more sensible approaches would provide significant financial benefits to the UK as well as reducing social exclusion and injustice”.

This report is one of the first to quantify to potential revenue that could be gained in the U.K. if cannabis were legalized.


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