New Poll: Strong Support for Cannabis Legalization in North Carolina

A new Public Policy Polling survey has found strong support for cannabis law reform in the State of North Carolina. According to the poll, 48% of those in the state are in support of recreational cannabisnc legalization, with just 42% opposed. When it comes to legalizing cannabis for medical purposes, 63% are in support.

Last year the same polling firm found 39% of those in the state to be in support of recreational cannabis legalization, meaning this new poll represents a 9% increase in support.

“The people of North Carolina are beginning to understand that marijuana is safer than alcohol and are eager for a change in how we spend our tax dollars and generate revenue in the state,” says Jon Kennedy of North Carolina NORML, who says these poll results demonstrate a rapidly growing shift in public opinion.

Last year a proposal to decriminalize up to an ounce of cannabis made some noise in the state’s House of Representatives, though it eventually stalled in committee.



5 thoughts on “New Poll: Strong Support for Cannabis Legalization in North Carolina”

  1. Stop killing people with pills we have turned this state into a bunch of junkies from all the prescriptions pharmacy drugs are the gateway to death marijuana has killed no one ever this is what the people want legalization get with the program we pay your salary to do what we want not to tell us what we can and can’t do since when did the hired help become the boss get with the program or get out of office and believe me you will be voted out this is happening with you or without you

  2. Lot of my pain started in north cakilaki
    In ny with pain d v everywhere hit by driver of car tu
    Work all tht been sick ever since

  3. What legalize marijuana ???? Next thing you know we will legalize gay and lesibian unions !! but wait we already do that,,,,,, I know if we legalize it, we will run the illegal drug dealers out of business who support our politicians that vote no against legalizing marijuana. That then keeps the illegal drug dealer in business to supply our politicians large sums of money to get re-elected. Ahhhhhhhh now I know why the politicians do not want to legalize marijuana. Silly me. Politiacians always know what is best for us. Thank God they keep us safe.

  4. I don’t smoke, eat or use marijuana in any form. I will however always vote for the legalization of marijuana in any state. This will produce jobs, taxes and create an entirely new source of income for any state that has the gumption to legalize it. Being from the south, S.C. we are farmers and not being one of the first states to legalize it mean we are giving up Billions of dollars a year to other states who can see the benefits. On a side note the government is missing a huge opportunity to make federal tax off what is already making millions in Colorado.


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