New Poll Shows More Maine Voters Support Legalizing Marijuana Use Than Oppose

New Poll Shows More Maine Voters Support Legalizing Marijuana Use Than Oppose

New research has found that more people in Maine support legalizing cannabis use than not. Recently Publ6.11-meic Policy Polling surveyed roughly 1,000 registered Maine voters and found that 48% of respondents felt marijuana use should be legal – only 39% said it should remain illegal, and 14% were not sure how they felt about the subject.

Of the voters polled, every age group was in majority support for legalization, except those over the age of 65. Respondents 18-29 were most favorable, showing 54% in support, while those 30-45 trailed close behind at 52% in favor. 51% of voters ages 46-65 were in favor; those over the age of 65 were the most hesitant, with 34% in favor of cannabis being legal, and 17% saying they remain unsure (49% said outright that it should be illegal).

Among those who consider themselves democrats, 58% said cannabis use should be legal, and 14% were unsure. 57% of independents and 25% of republicans were also in favor.

Of women respondents, more were in favor than not: 45% said they were supportive and 15% said they were not sure. Male respondents also showed more support than opposition, with 50% saying they were in favor of legalization, and 11% remaining unsure.

Activists are looking to take advantage of the favorable voting population; this November residents of Portland, Maine will have the opportunity to vote on a legalization measure, thanks to a coalition of citizens who submitted more than double the amount of signatures needed to secure the measure on the ballot. In addition to this, activists have announced plans to put a legalization initiative on the ballot for the entire state in 2016.

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