New Poll: Majority of Colorado Residents Remain in Support of Legalized Cannabis

A new Quinnipiac University poll has found that a majority of Colorado residents remain in support of the state’s recently-approved constitutional amendmentsaved11 which legalized cannabis for adults. 54% are in favor of the new law, with 41% being in opposition; these numbers mirror results from last November’s election.

The poll also asked participants whether or not they thought the new law would “create drug abuse problems”, and found that a majority – 55% to 42% – believe that it won’t. It was also found that 51% of the state’s residents have consumed cannabis, and 15% plan to consume it once recreational sales begin next year.

The most important takeaway from these results is that over 9 months since voters approved legalized cannabis in Colorado, there’s no sign of “voters’ remorse”, and support for the new law remains solid.


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