New Poll: Majority in Louisiana Support the Legalization of Cannabis

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New Poll: Majority in Louisiana Support the Legalization of Cannabis

A new Public Policy Poll has found that 53% of those in Louisiana support the recreational legalization of cannabis for adults 21 and older; only 37% olouisianaf respondents stated that they oppose such a move.

“People understand that criminalizing marijuana has wasted public funds, has not made anyone safer, and that marijuana is not the danger it was thought to be,” says Marjorie R. Esman, Executive Director of the ACLU of Louisiana, “Despite last session’s failure to pass a bill to reform marijuana sentencing (HB 103), marijuana law reform is coming to Louisiana. Voters in this state are in agreement with the rest of America that marijuana should be taxed and regulated.”

The poll found support for cannabis legalization to be high among all ideologies, including being supported by 51% of those who consider themselves “very conservative”.



  • Mike
    September 6, 2013

    I find the results of this poll to be highly suspect. As a long time resident of Louisiana, I have heard and seen almost nothing to support this. The people of this State are among the most biased, prejudiced, intolerant, far right, religious, reefer madness believers I have ever seen and unless they are just living in the ‘legal weed closet’, there are probably less than 25% of the residents here who support the legalization of pot. I hope I’m wrong and this poll is right but I really really doubt it.

  • legalize louisiana
    September 8, 2013

    In two May 2011 polls by KTBS and KLFY following a major Louisiana cannabis freedom event showed 60% in favor, in both of those markets. There are plenty of fans of health and justice in LA, who know how to Google, and what they are seeing with their eyes.

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