New Poll: Majority in California Support Legalization

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New Poll: Majority in California Support Legalization

Voters in California support legalizing cannabis by double-digit margins, according to a new California Field Poll released today. 54% are in support, while 43% oppose.

151462784aThe poll also found that 67% oppose ongoing crackdowns of medical dispensaries by the state’s four U.S. attorneys.

These results are sure to be seen as encouraging to advocates in the state, some of which will begin collecting signatures in May, attempting to get a legalization initiative on the 2014 ballot.

Others, including Prop 19’s Richard Lee, are crafting a measure that’s planned for the 2016 election. Speaking on how the poll results effects their planned legalization initiative, Lee states, “I think it shows that it’s going to win in 2016, and it’s just a matter of writing the best law that we can.”

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Regardless of which measure takes ground, it’s clear that support for legalization in the state isn’t going away.

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