New Poll: Florida Republicans Overwhelmingly Favor Legalizing Medical Cannabis

New Poll: Florida Republicans Overwhelmingly Favor Legalizing Medical Cannabis

A new poll released by the Miami Herald and commissioned by the state Republican Party has found that 78% of Florida voters that reside in Republican-controlled Senate districts favor the legalizationmedcannabisjar of medical cannabis, a move they’ll have the opportunity to vote on this November through a citizens initiative put forth by the organization United for Care.

The poll – conducted by the Tarrance Group – found 65% of respondents to be in favor of reducing prison sentences for nonviolent drug offenders (with 28% opposed), and 78% (to 15%) to be in support of prison-diversion programs for those convicted of nonviolent drug-related crimes.

It was also found that 47% favor outright legalization, with 48% opposed.

Such strong support for medical cannabis is vital, as United for Care’s initiative – now officially titled Amendment 2 – needs to garner 60% of the votes this November to pass into law, given that it’s a constitutional amendment. However, opposition forces are vastly underfunded compared to the millions that United for Care is planning to pay for ad-space.

According to the Miami Herald, the state’s incumbent governor – who opposes medical cannabis legalization – may end up helping the initiative.

“In an ironic twist, the most high-profile opponent of medical marijuana — Gov. Rick Scott — could indirectly and unintentionally help the proposed amendment, strategists say.”

They explain; “To win reelection, Scott’s campaign is likely to trigger a mammoth $150 million TV ad war, which could reduce the supply of available commercial advertising time, drive up the price of commercials and therefore make it tougher for outgunned anti-drug crusaders to get out their message.”

“In an environment such as that, message-penetration can be challenging for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of money,” says Kyle Roberts, president of Virginia-based Smart Media Group, one of the nation’s premier political ad-buying firms.

United for Care is planning to spend over $10 million on ads in the coming weeks and months; attorney John Morgan, founder of the organization (and former fundraiser for President Obama), is also planning to swap out some of the $20 million worth of ads he purchases annually for his law firm, replacing them with ads for his organization’s initiative.

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  • Gail Petralia
    September 30, 2015

    Here is a statement from the one presidential candidate who actively supports the legalization of medical marijuana nationwide! “While it is not possible with existing data to determine conclusively that state medical marijuana laws caused the documented declines in adolescent marijuana use, the overwhelming downward trend strongly suggests that the effect of state medical marijuana laws on teen marijuana use has been either neutral or positive, discouraging youthful experimentation with the drug.” You can read more and support her campaign on her site Join us and together, we can create a true land of the free.

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