New Poll Finds Higher Education Linked to Higher Support for Cannabis Legalization

A new Reason-Rupe poll released just hours ago has found that the higher someone’s education, the more likely they are to support cannabis legalizationsaved11, regardless of that person’s ideology.

According to the poll, 46% of Americans with a high school education or less are in support of cannabis legalization. However, of those with a college degree, 54% are in support of legalization. For those with a post-graduate degree, support is at 57%.

The poll found that among all Americans, more are in support of legalization than those against, 49% to 47%.

In October, a Gallup poll also found high support for the legalization of recreational cannabis. According to that poll, 58% of Americans support legalization.

A study released in July by Ireland’s National Advisory Committee on Drugs and Alcohol found that, similar to support for cannabis legalization in the new Reason-Rupe poll, cannabis consumption is higher among those with higher educations.


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