New Poll Finds 82% in Florida Support Medical Cannabis Legalization

A new poll conducted by the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute has found that a huge majority of Floridians are in support of medical cannabis legalization.

According to the poll,medcan 82% of Florida residents favor the legalization of cannabis for medicinal purposes (including 70% of Republicans), with just 16% opposed to such a move. These numbers are exciting and promising, especially as the group United for Care continues to work on putting a medical cannabis initiative on next year’s ballot; the group has collected over 200,000 signatures thus far.

The poll also found that more Floridians support recreational cannabis legalization than oppose it; 48% favor legalization for all adults, with 46% who either having concerns about such a move, or who oppose it.

This poll is the first to show such strong support for legalization in Florida, and is the first to show support for medical cannabis above 80%.


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