New Poll Finds 57% of Americans Support Legalizing Marijuana

Just last week new polling found, for the first time in decades of asking the question, that a majority of Americans – 52% to 45% – support the idea of legalizing marijuana. Another poll, released today and condcannabis bud wikiucted by the Huffington Post / YouGov, found an even higher percentage of people to be in support of legalization – 57%, compared to just 33% who are opposed to such a move – 10% were undecided.

On top of this finding, the poll found that an incredibly low 11% of Americans believe that legalization is NOT coming. 74% of respondents believe that marijuana legalization is inevitable, with 15% not being sure.

This shows a strong and continuous trend. Almost identical to the polling released last week, these numbers indicate that only 1 in 3 people who oppose legalization believe that they’re on the winning side. 2/3rds of legalization opponents feel that despite their beliefs, legalization is forthcoming.

The polling found that of respondents, 86% “never” use marijuana, while just 6% said they use it “frequently” or “occasionally”.


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