New Poll Finds 56% of Those in Delaware Support Legalizing Cannabis

New polling conducteddelly and released by the University of Delaware has found that a strong majority –  56% – of those in Delaware are in support of legalizing recreational cannabis. According to the poll, only 39% oppose the move, with the remaining 5% being undecided.

“I would say the numbers suggest solid support for fully legalizing marijuana in Delaware,” says Paul Brewer, a communications professor at the University of Delaware who supervised the poll. “The results also reflect what’s going on in public opinion at the national level, where the trends show a growing majority favoring legalization.”

According to the results, 68% of those under 30 support the move to legalize cannabis; that number drops to 36% for those over 60, the only group besides self-described conservatives who oppose legalization. The survey found plurality support for legalization in each of the state’s counties.

“The poll just shows there is broad support for this,” says Delaware Senator Bryan Townsend. “I hope this is a wake-up call to the General Assembly that a majority of Delawareans support us moving in this direction.”


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