New Poll Finds Only 17% of Those in Texas Support the Status Quo on Marijuana

The vast majority of Texans support a reformation of their state’s marijuana laws, according to new polling.

The University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll found that 83% of those in Texas support legalizing marijuana for at least medical use. 53% support legalizing recreational cannabis; of those 32% support legalizing “small amounts”, while 21% support legalizing “any amount:.

The poll marks a large increase in support from February, 2015; at that time 43% supported legalizing cannabis, with an additional 30% in support of legalizing medical cannabis.

“We’ve seen this movie before on a couple of social issues,” says Daron Shaw, a University of Texas professor who co-directed the poll. “There’s a little bit of normalization.”

The poll comes two months after State Representative Donna Howard filed HJR 46; the measure is a “constitutional amendment directing the legislature to authorize and regulate the possession, cultivation, and sale of cannabis.”

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