New Poll: 80% of Kentucky Residents Support Legal Medical Marijuana

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New Poll: 80% of Kentucky Residents Support Legal Medical Marijuana

A new survey has found an overwhelming majority – nearly 80% – of those in Kentucky support legalized medical marijuana. The Medical-marijuana-still-alive-in-Kentuckysurvey was funded by the Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati and the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky, and was conducted by the Institute for Policy Research at the University of Cincinnati.

The survey found that support was high regardless of an individuals party-affiliation. According to the polling, 73% of Republicans stated that they support such a move, compared to 83% of Democrats. Those who are registered independent support the measure at the highest rate – 86%.

Another question was asked, “Do you favor or oppose the Commonwealth of Kentucky allowing residents to buy and use marijuana under any circumstances?” 38% of respondents stated that they’re in favor of such a move, including being support by a majority – 51% – of those aged 18-29. Those aged 65 and older opposed the move at the highest rate, with only 21% in support.

The release of this polling comes just weeks after Kentucky legalized hemp on the state level, prompting advocates to begin lobbying for further reform, such as bringing medical marijuana to the state. This new survey will make clear to lawmakers that the vast majority of their constituents support allowing the compassionate use of marijuana.

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Recent polling has found that 85% of Americans support allowing the use of medical marijuana by a qualified patient.



  • Mary
    May 13, 2013

    I believe it is much less harmful tham ETOH and also trust it could help the economy of the great state of Kentucky!

    • Wendy
      March 2, 2014

      Hallelujhah!!!! I am absoultley thrilled to be a part of this great event in history, This wonderful plant has been disgraced for long enough!!! Let us as a commonwealth reap the benefits both medicinally, and fidicually!!!! I totally support the growth of cannabis for medical pruposes, as well as the growth of industrial hemp for the production of textiles, fabrics, soaps, salves, oils, inks, shampoos, etc….etc….ohhhhh, and even gasoline for the cars!!!! YES, it is a wonderful hearty plant, with or without THC…….;^)

  • Robert
    July 9, 2013

    I totally agree. I have been pro marijuana for along time. I come from a family of alcoholics and i have recently kicked my alcohol addiction. I did so because it was affecting the family i have recently created. Marijuana is the only thing that i would like to be able to use again but cant due to the constent drug screens at my job. I dont like the perscriptions that the dr gives me for stress because it makes me feel lifeless and i cant turn to alcohol again because it turns me into a complete asshole and i dont want to lose my family. Marijuana donesnt make me an asshole, it doesnt affect my working ability the next day unlike pounding a fifth of whiskey, also everytime ive been arrested it has been because of alcohol. I know alcohol is so much more dangerous than marijuana because ive lived it. Im tired of this communist bullshit from our so called free nation. God put weed here and in god we trust! Right?

  • Wendy
    March 2, 2014

    Hi Robert,
    I too have been dealt my fair share of alcoholics and the horrible effects it can have on the drinker, and everyone who may be in his or her wake… is a miserable, awful way to live for anyone involved!!!! Yet, so many people are blindingly oblivious to its deadly levels of destruction!!! If it were up to me to decide what the deadliest drug of choice would be, it would be alcohol, followed by heroin,crack cocaine, opiates, and methamphetamine. Alcohol literally fuels physical altercations, sexual altercations, and spousal altercations, as well as family altercations. Marijuana has never caused anyone death, unless due to illegal activity( created illegal by our sh@t government standards/laws), or drove one to physically abuse, verbally abuse, or sexually abuse anyone to my knowledge. I have smoked marijuana quite regularly over the last 35 years, have a Bachelors degree in Human Services Management, three children, widowed on Christmas of 2005 due to husband’s alcoholism: He was 36 years old! Unfortunately for me, being married to an alcoholic, and living right behind his full-blown alcoholic parents for two decades brought on chronic major depressive disorder, bipolar 1, and PTSD with a touch of GAD…..sooooo I am really thrilled that my mary jane may just get to come from a dispensary!!!!! Peace to you Robert and Mary….;^)

  • Anonymous
    April 28, 2014

    i have a very severe and chronic form of bowel disease. i have tried many pharmaceuticals. most of which made me worse. the last resort after seven years of trial and error was a round of a new glucocorticosteriod named uceris for a few weeks. it made me feel agitated and aggressive and out of character. the last and most recent medication was taken off the market in the past due to ischemic colitis and bowel blockage, even death in some cases. again, no relief. i have no life either way. i don’t want to be a criminal. however, i need to look to a more natural way to help relieve my symptoms. the research i have done so far is encouraging about the success of thc and relief of chronic and severe symptoms of a myriad of bowel diseases..i feel scared to even post this but i believe its right.

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