New Poll: 78% in Kentucky Support Medical Marijuana

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New Poll: 78% in Kentucky Support Medical Marijuana

New polling out of Kentucky has found that a vast majority of the state’s residents support the legalization of cannabis for medicinal purposes. medical-marijuana-630

The 2013 Kentucky Health Issues Poll, which was released today, found that 78% of those in the state support legalizing medical cannabis; 40% support cannabis legalization for any purpose.

The poll validates a poll released in May conducted by the Institute for Policy Research at the University of Cincinnati which found that nearly 80% of Kentucky residents support legal medical cannabis. In that poll, similar to the 40% in this new poll, 38% stated that they’re in favor of recreational cannabis legalization.

Earlier this year Kentucky lawmakers approved a measure which legalizes hemp under state law. Clearly the state is ready for further reform.


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  • Brandon
    August 7, 2013

    Where do i sign? Add me to the % that would have it legalized recreationally in Kentucky.I have MS and there is no cure for it. But, smoking marijuana keeps it at bay. I would rather smoke a joint a day than take many pills throughout the day. KY has people that need MJ medically and it would keep other harmful drugs out of the picture as well. Everyone knows that if it was legal here in KY there would be more jobs in the fields and factorys that use it for process. Everyone should know that there are 30% of people that can’t get hired for jobs only because they have MJ in their system in KY. Some smoke to heal, some smoke to feel, and some smoke for flavor, and some smoke to chill. There is no reason to not legalize it in KY, there are multiple reasons to legalize it here.

  • Bobby Maggard
    May 1, 2014

    Supporters of Medical Marijuana in Kentucky need to coordinate and focus. Each needs to send ways to collaborate, support, and especially send views to their local senators and house reps to acknowledge widespread support for a long-time working medicine that can also add an influx to the monetary needs of our state, without even touching the taxes which would no longer be needed. This numerous amounts of money could be used to help addictions, supports systems and numerous other means the anti-weed patrol could still use to keep out of kids hands and into legal medical users.

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