New Poll: 70% in Maryland Support Cannabis Decriminalization

New Poll: 70% in Maryland Support Cannabis Decriminalization

A new poll released today by the Washington Post has found that 70% of those in Maryland support decriminalizing cannabis possession, reducing the charge to an $100 ticket or less.maryland The poll found majority support among all political parties and age groups, including 59% of Republicans and 58% of those 65 and older.

The poll found the highest support for decriminalization among those that have earned a college degree (73%), and those whose income is above $100,000 a year (72%).

A plurality of the state’s voters were also found to be in support of legalizing recreational cannabis; 49% to 43%.

Maryland’s Legislature is currently considering several measures that would reform the state’s cannabis laws, including a forthcoming proposal to legalize cannabis similar to alcohol. The state’s Senate President has recently expressed his support for such a move.



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  • Cannabis Country
    February 23, 2014

    Great to see such high support. To think just 10 years ago we thought we might not even see marijuana legalized in our lifetime, yet we are already starting to see some states legalize it.

    Next we need to see it legal on a Federal level.

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