New Poll: 66% in Michigan Support Decriminalizing or Legalizing Cannabis

A new poll conducted by the research institute EPIC MRA has found that a strong majority in Michigan support reforming their state’s cannabis policies, with only 1 in 4 supporting the retention of current laws.marijuana2008

According to the results of the poll, 66% of those in Michigan are in favor of either legalizing cannabis, decriminalizing cannabis, or repealing cannabis prohibition in its entirety. Only 26% of respondents stated that they support retaining the current laws surround cannabis, a 19% drop from when the poll was last taken in 2010.

“There’s been kind of a sea change of opinion over the last two years,” says Bernie Porn, a pollster for EPIC MRA, “In 2010, when there were petitions circulated to legalize marijuana, we found 45 percent who said they would say no. That’s a significant change.”

“I think it shows that people are way ahead of the politicians on this,” says Matthew Abel, Executive Director of Michigan NORML, “Michiganders are desirous of having marijuana laws be less restrictive. Clearly, a large majority of people feel that marijuana possession and use should not be a criminal offense.”


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