New Poll: 65% in Mexico Support Legalizing Medical Cannabis

A new poll conducted by the Parametria Research Group has found that a strong majority of those in Mexico support the legalization of medical cannabis. According to the poll, 65% are in favor of such a move, with only 29% being in opposition.mexicomap

This new poll comes as advocates across the country – including former president Vincente Fox – have been pushing for the legalization of not just medical, but recreational cannabis.

In Mexico City, lawmakers are set to discuss this month the possible legalization of cannabis, including a proposal which would legalization the possession and home cultivation of cannabis, as well as authorize cannabis clubs.

As one of the nations most torn by the failed war on drugs, the legalization of cannabis could go a long way towards resolving some of the problems. At the very least, the legalization of medical cannabis would benefit countless individuals.


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