New Missouri Measure Would Legalize Hemp

A bill in Missouri which would legalize hemp in the state has been scheduled for a public hearing on Tuesday, marijuana hempMarch 26th at 3:00PM. The measure, Senate Bill 358, would explicitly legalize hemp in the state, which it defines as containing 1% THC or less, removing it from the state’s controlled substances list.

Under the proposal, which is in the General Laws committee, it would be legal for farmers in the state to grow hemp by the end of August.

Unlike most other industrial hemp bills currently in discussion around the country (and there’s quite a few), this bill wouldn’t direct the state or any of its departments to license farmers for hemp cultivation, instead stating:

Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter it shall be legal for any person who has not been convicted of any felony offense or any misdemeanor drug related offense to grow and cultivate industrial hemp

This would allow for unlicensed hemp production, letting farmers decide whether or not they want to test federal law and stand up for their right to grow this industrial commodity.

Supporters in Missouri should look up (by clicking here) their legislators, urging them to support this common-sense measure.


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