New Mexico Senate Committee Votes to Remove Cannabis as a Schedule 1 Substance

New Mexico’s Senate Judiciary Committee has voted to remove cannabis from the state’s list of Schedule 1 controlled substances.New Mexico sign

The move, which was introduced by Senator Cisco McSorley, came as an amendment to a synthetic cannabinoids ban bill – Senate Bill 127.

The proposal would designate over 100 synthetic cannabinoids as Schedule I substances; supporters of the amendment argued that cannabis doesn’t belong on Schedule 1 along with dangerous, chemical alternatives. The vote came along party lines, with no Republican voting in favor.

The bill now moves to the Senate.


4 thoughts on “New Mexico Senate Committee Votes to Remove Cannabis as a Schedule 1 Substance”

  1. NM Senate bill 127 started waaaay bac in 2010, and has morphed into something different each year. It seems to never get any action until the end of the legislative session, and then the session ends and it’s tabled until the next year. A hopelessly endless cycle. Lets hope for the best, next year. The session is over and it won’t go to the NM Senate for a vote until 2015, unless they freaking change it again.

  2. I think hemp should be taken off the schedule drug control all together. Its a herb that flowers itself. Who are we to.judge someone that wishes to use Gods plant?


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