New Mexico Bill Decriminalizing 4 Ounces of Cannabis Passes Through Committee

Coming on the heals of polling released that shows 57% of New Mexico residents support decriminalizing cannabis, the state’s House Committee on Consumer and Public Affairs approved a measure doing just that, with a vote of 3-2. New Mexico sign

The measure, House Bill 465, would make possession of up to four ounces of cannabis no longer a criminal offense. It would instead be a civil infraction, and offenders would be given a ticket. Here’s a breakdown of how the tickets would work:

    • Possession of up to an ounce would be a $50 fine.
    • Possession of one to four ounces would be an $100 fine.

  • Possession of four to eight ounces would still be a misdemeanor offense, but the penalty would be significantly reduced, doing away with the 1 year maximum sentence and changing the fine from $1,000 to $300.

The bill is sponsored by newly elected Albuquerque fire captain Emily Kane.

– TheJointBlog

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  1. Good idea…since god knew what he was doing…how can the banning of any gods plants is really being done…but chemicals of the equal and stronger are on street…which creates drug dealers…


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