New Los Angeles Mayor Supports Recreational Marijuana Legalization

Newly-elected Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.

On Tuesday Los Angeles voters approved Measure D, which puts a severe cap on medical marijuana dispensaries in the city. At the same time, voters elected councilman Eric Garcetti their new mayor. During the campaign Garcetti was considered the most friendly towards medical marijuana, and in a recent interview after the election, Garcetti has made it known that he’s in support of recreational legalization as well.

“If in the future, California’s voters want it for casual use, for me, it’s not a problem”, stated Garcetti, “I want to use the police department’s resources for more serious crimes, but they are usually tied up in these crimes that aren’t as important”.

Garcetti’s support for reform comes at a crucial time, as advocates in California prepare for an effort to get a legalization measure on the 2014 ballot.


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  1. He apparently hasn’t been in politics long enough to become a paid pawn of the pharmaceutical industry. Thanks for your honesty, Mr. Mayor.


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