New Jersey Senate Committee Approves Hemp Legalization Proposal

The New Jersey Senate Economic Growth Committee has given approval to Senate Bill 3110, a proposal to legalize industrial hemp. hemp1

Under the proposed law, those wanting to cultivate industrial hemp in New Jersey would be authorized to do so once they become licensed with the state. According to advocates, the measure would bring forth numerous jobs to the state, and would allow residents to take part in a rapidly growing industry.

In the Assembly, a companion measure – Assembly Bill 2415 – has already been approved through two committees, and now awaits a full Assembly vote, where it’s expected to pass, according to Representative Connie Wagner, a sponsor of the bill.

Senate Bill 3110 now moves to its 2nd committee, before going to a full Senate vote.

If the measure is approved through the Senate and Assembly, it will be up to Governor Christie to veto the proposal, sign it into law, or let it become law without his signature. He has yet to comment on what he might do.



2 thoughts on “New Jersey Senate Committee Approves Hemp Legalization Proposal”

  1. I believe this is for the ability to grow hemp which you can not get high on sorry. It will create thousands of jobs as hemp can make thousands of different items all the way from shingles that will last 50 plus years on your house to paper, basically everything you need to build a house can be made from hemp. Also with the climate out of control due to big oil, and other factors such as not carpooling to needing the biggest suv to take you one or two kids to school and back. The Hemp will grow with very little rain due to it being a weed, a the extra seeds left over could be tried to mix with corn to create the ethanol with the possibility of not have to use so much corn which is harder on our environment than hemp as hemp requires no pesticide’s where corn does which leaches into our water supply big time!


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