New Jersey Officials Approve Adding Five New Medical Cannabis Conditions

New Jersey officials have given approval to the addition of five new medical conditions to the state’s medical cannabis program.

sugar cookieNew Jersey’s Medicinal Marijuana Review Panel voted this week to allow the medical use of cannabis for those with migraines, anxiety, Tourette’s syndrome, chronic pain related to musculoskeletal disorders, and chronic pain related to internal organs.

Although the panel was in strong support of allowing individuals with these conditions to become legal medical cannabis patients, State Health Commissioner Cathleen D. Bennett has the final say. She now has up to 180 days to respond; she has the option of approving all five conditions, approving some of the five, or not approving any of them.

If Commissioner Bennett does approve the new conditions, it would help to expand one of the nation’s more restrictive medical cannabis programs. Currently there are around 12,500 registered patients, and only five currently operating dispensaries.

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  1. I live in n.j.and medical marijuana is putting a strain on my wallet,im disabled and the cost of doctors and weed is tremedous!!! Wish it was more affordable!!!


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