New Jersey: Hundreds Rally, Dozens Light Up Outside of Statehouse

Jennie Stormes talks with her son Jackson during Saturday's rally.
Jennie Stormes talks with her son Jackson during Saturday’s rally. They’re moving to Colorado due to their superior medical cannabis law.

Advocates of both medical and recreational cannabis legalization joined forces Saturday for a peaceful rally outside of the Statehouse in Trenton, New Jersey, in protest of Governor Chris Christie’s position on cannabis law reform.

An estimated 250 people participated in the protest, which took place across the street from the Statehouse. At one point during the rally, some 75 people lit up joints and cannabis bowls, in what organizers call a “very bold act of civil disobedience.” No one was arrested.

The rally included live music, a set by comedian Michael Hayne, and a lot of chanting, with “Yes We Cannabis!” – a play on President Barack Obama’s 2008 election slogan – being a common one

When asked their opinion of the rally’s participants, police referred to them as “peaceful”.


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