New Jersey Governor Signs Legislation Improving State’s Medical Marijuana Law

This afternoon New Jersey Governor Chris Cristie signed a proposal into law which legalizes marijuana-infused food products for minors, as well as removing the state’s three-strain limit for dispensaries.newjersey

Initially the proposal included a provision to ease restrictions on youth becoming patients by removing the requirement that they receive written authorization from a psychiatrist and a pediatrician, in addition to a physician, but Governor Cristie told lawmakers that he would veto the measure unless this particular section was removed, which it was.

Currently in New Jersey medical cannabis edibles are illegal; under this new law, cannabis-infused food products would be legalized for minors, as a way of getting them medical help without them needing to actually smoke anything. In addition, this new law removes the restriction that requires dispensaries to distribute only three strains of cannabis at a time.

Although the signing of this bill is bittersweet for advocates who were hoping for more, it’s still a definite victory, and a (albeit small) step forward.


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