New Jersey Committee Approves Hemp Legalization

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New Jersey Committee Approves Hemp Legalization

The New Jersey Assembly Appropriations Committee has quietly approved a proposal to legalize hemp in the state; the measure, which has alreadyhempfield been approved by the Assembly Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee, now awaits a full Assembly vote before heading to the Senate.

If the measure – Assembly Bill 2415 – is approved into law, those wishing to cultivate industrial hemp in New Jersey would be authorized to do so once they receive a state-issued license. According to advocates, the measure would bring forth numerous jobs to the state, and would allow residents to take part in a rapidly growing industry.

The proposal now goes before a full Assembly vote, where its passage would send it to the Senate. If it’s approved in the Senate, it will be sent to Governor Chris Christie for final consideration; Christie hasn’t stated whether or not he’ll let the proposal become law if it reaches his desk.

The bill’s language can be found by clicking here.

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