New Jersey Assembly Approves New Medical Cannabis Legislation

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New Jersey Assembly Approves New Medical Cannabis Legislation

A proposal to improve New Jersey’s medical cannabis law has recently been approved by the state’s full Assembly with a 50 to 23 vote.medicalcannabisfam The proposal – Assembly Bill 4537 – now moves to the Senate.

Under this new law, qualified medical cannabis patients in New Jersey would be authorized to purchase cannabis products from other medical cannabis states; the proposal was filed in response to a 2-year old with epilepsy – Vivian Wilson – whose parents (Meghan and Brian Wilson) have had challenges obtaining medical cannabis extracts for her, which they believe will be useful in treating her seizures.

The measure would allow her parents (and others) to obtain cannabis products from, say, Colorado – they can then bring it back to New Jersey, to administer to their daughter.

In addition to this change, the proposal would allow qualified patients from other states to purchase cannabis from any dispensary open within the state, something that only Arizona and Montana allow.

Despite this bill being a positive and modest step forward, Governor Chris Christie has already vowed to veto the measure, along with any other changes to the state’s medical cannabis law, which is considered by many to be one of the strictest in the nation.

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Those in New Jersey should be constantly contacting their governor, urging him to stop standing in the way of improving the state’s medical cannabis law.


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