New Jersey Approves Second Medical Cannabis Dispensary, to Open by Month’s End

On October 28th, New Jersey’s second medical cannabis dispensary will open its doors. The outlet was approved. last Thursday by New Jersey’s Department of Health. Its opening will double the number of dispensaries in the state.newjersey

New Jersey is infamous for having one of the strictest medical cannabis laws in the nation. Currently one state-licensed dispensary is opened to accommodate thousands of patients. This second dispensary is expected to accommodate hundreds more patients, making it easier for them to access their medicine.

However, clearly two dispensaries aren’t enough to distribute medicine to an entire state of patients. We continue to urge residents in the state to urge their lawmakers to approve changes to the law that will allow more dispensaries to open, and to ease the difficulty of the process. Still, the opening of this new dispensary – which will come just weeks after the governor signed a proposal improving the state’s medical cannabis law – is nevertheless a step forward.

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