New Jersey Adds Five New Medical Marijuana Conditions, Reduces Patient Fee

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New Jersey Adds Five New Medical Marijuana Conditions, Reduces Patient Fee

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy announced today that the state is expanding their medical marijuana program to include five new conditions that qualify an individual to legally use the medicine.

Governor Murphy announced the expansion the same day as a governor-appointed task force recommended he do so. The conditions being added are migraines, anxiety, chronic pain related to musculoskeletal disorders, chronic visceral pain, and Tourette’s syndrome. Governor Murphy also announced that the fee to become a medical marijuana patient is being reduced from $200, to $100, or $20 for veterans and seniors.

“We are changing the restrictive culture of our medical marijuana program to make it more patient-friendly,” says Murphy. “We are adding five new categories of medical conditions, reducing patient and caregiver fees, and recommending changes in law so patients will be able to obtain the amount of product that they need. Some of these changes will take time, but we are committed to getting it done for all New Jersey residents who can be helped by access to medical marijuana.”

Other changes include removing the limit of one-caregiver per patient, and allowing physicians to recommend the medicine without being required to appear on a public registry.

Governor Murphy, elected last year, has vowed to take things even further, and is working to legalize marijuana in New Jersey for all uses, given the consumer is at least 21.

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