New Initiative Filed in Arkansas to Legalize Cannabis

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New Initiative Filed in Arkansas to Legalize Cannabis

The organization Arkansans For Medical Cannabis has filed an initiative with the Arkansas Attorney General which would legalize cannabis for all adults.arkansas-flag

The attorney general will now conduct a legal review of the ballot language. If the language is approved, signature collection can begin; the group is hoping to put the proposal to a vote of the people in the 2014 general election.

If the initiative – which is a constitutional amendment – is approved, cannabis possession, cultivation and licensed retail sales will be legalized in the State of Arkansas for adults (the state’s legislature would be tasked with deciding a specific age limit); industrial hemp legalization is included. Robert Reed, Chairman of Arkansas For Medical Cannabis, tells us that under this proposed law people will be able to grow cannabis “just like you do grapes”. According to Reed, the initiative will effectively put an end to cannabis prohibition in the state.

Those interested in getting involved should go to the website for Arkansas For Medical Cannabis; you can also find them on Facebook.


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