New Hampshire Senate Approves Bill Legalizing Medical Marijuana

As expected, New Hampshire’s full Senate has voted, 18 to 6, to approve a measure which legalizes the possession and state-licensed sale of medicinal marijuana. The proposal –¬†House Bill 573 – haMedical-Marijuanas already passed the House, but will be sent back for final approval, given that the Senate approved an amended version which removes a provision allowing patients to grow their own. House leaders are expected to ask the Senate to come to a compromise, such as allowing patients to cultivate marijuana until dispensaries are up and operating.

The proposal is supported by the state’s governor, although she is opposed to a home-grow provision (despite having voted for one while she was a senator). What this indicates is that the law is going to pass the House, and be signed by the governor, regardless, which will make New Hampshire the 20th medical marijuana state (possibly the 21st if Illinois beats them to it – a measure has already passed the Senate and House and awaits the governor’s signature). The question mark left remaining is whether or not a compromise will be reached that allows home-cultivation.

New Hampshire residents should contact members of their state’s Senate and House, urging them to allow qualified patients or their caregiver to grow cannabis at home, so that they aren’t forced to rely on the black-market while state-licensed dispensaries are being established.

Once the measure becomes law, patients will have a legal defense for possessing up to 2 ounces of marijuana.


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