New Hampshire On Track to Become 19th Medical Marijuana State

New Hampshire’s House of Representatives is moving forward with HB 573, which would legalize medical marijuana in the state. The measure is up for a full House vote this week, and recently passed the state’s Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs Committee by a vote of 14-1.


The measure would authorize qualified patients in the state to possess up to 2 ounces of cannabis, as well as privately cultivate up to 3 plants. The bill would also recognize out-of-state individuals who are qualified patients in other states. The Department of Health and Human Services would give licenses to those wishing to sell cannabis through non-profit medical cannabis access points, though only 5 would be allowed.

New Hampshire lawmakers have actually approved similar legislation legalizing medical marijuana on three different occasions, including just last year, when it was again vetoed by then-governor John Lynch.

Now, the story’s different, as the new Governor, Maggie Hassan, has publicly stated that she would support such a measure. She backed medical cannabis legislation as a state senator in 2009.

New Hampshire’s House and Senate still have the political muster to get this passed, from what we can see.

We predict, with much confidence, that New Hampshire will legalize medical cannabis this year, becoming the 19th state, plus D.C., to do so.

Constituents wanting to make sure this doesn’t fall through; we urge you to look up (which you can do by clicking here) your elected officials, telling them to stand with you in supporting House Bill 573.

Polling from earlier this year found that 68% in the state support changing the law to allow qualified patients to legally use and possess medical cannabis. Only 26% opposed such a move.


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