New Hampshire House Votes to Legalize Unlicensed Hemp Cultivation

New Hampshire’sI'm told this is industrial hemp, which grows wild on the preserve. full House of Representatives has voted to approve House Bill 494, a proposal to explicitly legalize the cultivation of hemp without the necessity of receiving a license from the state. It was approved unanimously through a voice vote.

House Bill 494 would remove hemp as a controlled substance in the state, with hemp being defined as having no more than 0.3% THC. Unlike the approach taken by many other states that have approved hemp legislation in recent months and years, House Bill 494 would not require a change in federal law before the measure can be implemented, and would not require those wanting to cultivate the plant to receive a license.

The text of House Bill 494 – which now heads to the state’s Senate– can be found by clicking here. It was introduced by Representatives Elizabeth Edwards (D-Hillsborough), Laura Jones (R-Strafford), Robert Cushing (D-Rockingham), and Michael Sylvia (R-Belknap).


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