Nevada’s Largest Labor Union Endorses Initiative to Legalize Cannabis

labor unionNevada’s Question 2, which would legalize recreational cannabis for everyone 21 and older, has just received arguably its biggest endorsement to date, which comes less than a month before the November 8th election. The endorsement comes from Culinary Local 226, the largest labor union in the state.

“Their support demonstrates that the working people of Nevada want to take marijuana out of the criminal market and shift production and sales into regulated, taxpaying businesses,” says Joe Brezny, spokesperson for the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, the group behind Question 2.

If passed into law by voters next month, Question 2 would legalize the possession and use of up to an ounce of cannabis, and the personal cultivation of up to six cannabis plants, for those 21 and older. State-licensed cannabis retail outlets would also be legalized.

Culinary Local 226, which represents nearly 60,000 Nevada workers, is the largest labor union in the state.

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